Showing ID to Vote

Showing ID to Vote

going to church and voting in the next president are two very, vey different things . Not sure how you coild even think is was a close comparison.

Do you also belive that people should be able to go around to different polls , and just give them a different name every time? so you are ok with people using people who have passed away names to vote? You are ok with someone who is not a us citizen, and thinks only about how the government can benefit people who are not citizens to vote?

Showing ID is very basic and simple, we do ot all the time and takes little effort. Dont understand how anyone could be against something so easy and basic.

You need to show some sign of proof or ID to register in California. The card that comes with the sample ballot was also supposed to be brought to the polling place and served as an ID (though I think it mainly used to sort out which precinct table to go to). If the complaint is that IDs cost money then make the state ID free. The resistance to ID to vote sounds like an attempt to rig things from whatever side feels it has something at stake. Elections need to be fair and square and not rigged by anyone or by anything.

YES and there should be a $5,000 reward for information leading to conviction of fraudulent voting as they are doing in Texas.

Has anyone heard word one from Contra Costa election officials as to steps taken to ensure fraudulent voting does not happen. Are they cross checking death certificates or cooperating with other states to ensure people are not voting in multiple states? scannable fake id

An what about the District Attorney how many convictions have there been for voter fraud in past 4 years?

Does Contra Costa deserve our confidence?

I have been voting by absentee ballot all my adult life. If I died and they kept mailing out the ballot to me, a relative could use it to vote twice. This is what Donald Trump has been talking about when he said dead people are voting.

So yes, I do believe there should be a way to prove who you are and that you still alive.

There should be a data base of all registered voters that have died. That way they can match the dead with the living and remove their name from the list of live voters.

It would be easy to do. The dead persons name can be entered into the data base at the same time the death certificate is issued.

Going to church and voting are both rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution. You don have to show an ID to go to church, it then follows that you should NOT have to show an ID to vote. Re your point about voting fraud suggest that 31 instances in the last billion or so votes cast make that type of fraud a made up fear. Showing ID is basic, but it costs money to get one. Poll taxes are clearly unconstitutional, forcing people to buy something to vote can easily be associated with poll taxes. fake identity websites

Sorry, try again. The signature on absentee ballots is compared to the signature on the voting rolls.

Why don you sign up to be a poll worker and you can see for yourself?

I believe zero is the number to shoot for, but I willing to accept 31 out of the last billion. ID won make a difference anyway, it is easier to get a fake ID than cast a fake ballot.

The church ID analogy refers to constitutional rights, you don need ID to exercise them.

The purchase of an ID is the barrier to vote. Not much of a problem in CCCounty. If you are poor and live in areas that are already under served, getting an ID can be quite difficult.

Not quite. Your vote by mail ballot signature is compared to the signature on the voting roll before it is counted. Not signing, or signature doesn match ballot is not counted.

I suggest you consider the difference between constitutional rights and the privileges afforded to us you want to argue that the American system is rigged, rules favor the rich, favor Caucasians, favor men I can argue with you. But when you argue that our election is rigged I think the black helicoptors are circling your house as well.

I don care because it doesn make a difference. fake ids It easy to create a fake ID and the volunteer pollsters are not trained how to spot one. The best system is to require to bring your voter registration card mailed in with your ballot. the check to see if you exists, alive or dead, etc should happen at the voter registration step.

For those that cry foul about it being democrats/liberals that are the election, try paying a little attention to the widespread gerrymandering going on all over the country. That has been happening for decades, almost exclusively by republicans, in order to keep congressional seats as GOP membership continues to drop year after year. That blithering idiot Trump has essentially destroyed the GOP.

Hi 39 just wanted to point out this is a dem state and for 50 plus years the dems have had it their way how has that worked out for evderyone so far. California went from the golden state to being the crotch of Oregon. enjoy Demifornia voted twice for 50 years to make it this way

Don you need a mailing address to have an ID? Where do they mail the ID to if you don have a permanent address?

So, homeless citizens can vote? Not trying to make a statement here. Just curious about the ID and an address to send the ID to.

Just make it so that you need a Facebook account to vote then just put a thumbs up for the candidate you want to see in office. Easy peasy. fake id reddit

Montana driver’s licenses not Real ID compliant

Montana driver’s licenses not Real ID compliant

MISSOULA, Mont. The Montana Department of Justice continues to roll out its newly designed driver’s licenses to licensing stations across the state. They come with upgraded security features, including new security designs, laser perforation, ultraviolet ink and ghost portraits. Despite the improvements, the Department of Homeland Security says Montana licenses do not meet federal security standards outlined in the Real ID Act.

The Real ID Act was passed by Congress in 2005 and enacted by the DHS in 2013, on recommendation by the 9/11 commission to “set standards for issuance of sources of identification.” It is used to determine what identification is acceptable for entry to federal facilities and for boarding commercial flights.

Montanans will be able to use their driver’s licenses and IDs for federal identification purposes, thanks to an extension given to the state to reach compliance by Oct. 10. filltrustid

Gov. Steve Bullock and Attorney General Tim Fox are strongly opposed to the act, saying it is a violation of privacy and state’s rights.

Last October, Fox stated, “Montana refuses to be bullied by the federal government into becoming Real ID compliant or into compromising our citizens’ privacy, driver’s licenses enhancements (such as the ones made) provide features that distinguish them from fraudulent cards, while at the same time serve as secure proof of identity.”

The situation grows complicated given the fact that Montana’s legislature in 2007 unanimously passed a bill prohibiting Montana from implementing the Real ID Act. It was signed into law by then Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

Fox and Sen. Steve Daines are expected to discuss their current plans in a press brief Thursday.

Among the requirements of the act, licenses and IDs must display personal information such as full name, buy fake ids date of birth and a picture. It also requires the state to get personal information like Social Security numbers from the individual trying to get a license or ID card before it is actually given to them.

The DHS estimates that 80 to 90 percent of Americans are currently compliant or have been granted an extension. Washington, Illinois, New Mexico, Missouri and Minnesota are currently noncompliant and haven’t been given an extension. Those states are expected to face federal enforcement starting Jan. 10. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. scannable ids .