City Council OKs municipal ID card

City Council OKs municipal ID card

Last week, the City Council approved 43 3 with two abstentions a bill that allows New Yorkers to have a municipal ID regardless of their citizen status.

One of the primary goals of the New York City Identity Card is to provide city services for approximately 500,000 undocumented immigrants living throughout the five boroughs.

Senior citizens and displaced youth will also benefit from the program because sometimes they cannot provide identification to obtain public services they need.

The Council expects to begin issuing the municipal identifications at the start of 2015. The de Blasio administration is still working out the details of the program.

With these IDs, New Yorkers without legal immigration status will be able to open bank accounts, cash checks, get a library card or sign a lease. The identification will include a photo of the cardholder, name, date of birth, address and expiration date.

To apply for a card, the New Yorker will have to provide proof of residency, such as a utility bill.

New Yorker deserves equal access to the services and benefits our city has to offer, filltrustid said Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito (D Manhattan). legislation will level the playing field and expand access to greater opportunities to anyone who calls New York City home.

many undocumented immigrants, having no ID means living in the shadows, state Assemblyman Francisco Moya (D Jackson Heights) said. our undocumented neighbors, living life without an identification card creates enormous barriers to accomplishing mundane tasks, like opening a bank account. Bill de Blasio is expected to sign the legislation into law. He promised to create a municipal identification program during last year mayoral campaign.

De Blasio set aside $8 million for the initiative as part of the city $75 billion annual budget. The city budget was approved last week.

will be the largest and most successful program of its kind, said Councilman Carlos Menchaca (D Brooklyn), chairman of the Committee on Immigration.

Perrito from Jackson Heights says:

So, illegal aliens will have to give all their to the government to get an ID card.

Will de Blasio set up an agency (staffed with a few hundred of his supporters) to CHECK the documents? Will we verify the applicants have been screened for diseases, Scannable Fake IDs had their shots, aren wanted criminals?

Will de Blasio let them vote (for him I am sure) and get thousands and thousands of dollars in paid for by the taxpayers?

This sounds so good (bless those NYC taxpayers, they are SO generous) I may apply too, will anyone say anything that I am really a French Poodle?

Report abuseJuly 4, 2014, 10:14 am

wrong lesson from queens says:

This tells kids that it is okay to break laws. Why shouldn they shoplift, steal cars, etc. You cannot have selective enforcement of laws. You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or sexually oriented material or any material that may violate applicable law; scannable ids doing so may lead to the removal of your post and to your being permanently banned from posting to the site.

Men Used Fake IDs Credit Cards To Rent Cars

Men Used Fake IDs Credit Cards To Rent Cars

Best American History Vacation SpotsA look at five of the best American history vacation spots in five different sections of the country

Up And Coming International Vacation SpotsThings change fast in the international world of travel. From time to time, there are fairly untouched gems, like Mozambique 15 years ago or Cuba 10 years ago. For very different reasons, Germany, Argentina, the Philippines, and Madagascar are destinations to consider or re consider for your up and coming vacation bucket list. (CBSNewYork/AP) Three Long Island men used counterfeit credit cards and phony driver licenses to rent cars at airports and then sell the vehicles at deeply discounted prices, prosecutors said Wednesday.

A 23 year old suspect, Fake IDs workingin the bedroom of his parents Lindenhurst home, used stolen information to create fake credit cards and driver licenses using equipment he got on eBay, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said.

DA: Thieves Rented Cars, Sold Them For Cheap

The suspects then “sold their rental cars for pennies on the dollar, Spota said.

Spota said the car rental companies apparently did not discover the vehicles missing until several weeks after they had already been sold.

scheme illustrates to all of us what is happening today, with not only consumers who use credit cards, but businesses who are accepting credit cards, the dangers that lurk out there, Spota said. buy fake ids for the businesses, it a tremendously high loss. of the vehicles were sold to buyers in South America, Spota said.

A fourth suspect was arrested during the investigation and faces a drug charge.

The investigation is ongoing and further arrests are possible. and its relevant subsidiaries. Used under license. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. fake ids The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Changes to South Carolina ID Cards Delayed

Changes to South Carolina ID Cards Delayed

Columbia, SC (WLTX) South Carolinians will be able to use their South Carolina driver licenses to enter military bases and federal buildings. Department of Homeland Security this week. The extension is until June 6, 2017 and certain changes will be made to the licenses. Good Fake IDs The changes were mandidated by Congress under the REAL ID Act of 2005. driver licenses would no longer be a federally accepted form of ID.

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles director Kevin Shwedo will appear before a Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday January 18 at 11 AM to give a compete briefing on the extension.

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Liberal MP backs ID card as effective counter

Liberal MP backs ID card as effective counter

Liberal MP backs ID card as effective counter terrorism toolMARK COLVIN: A Federal Liberal back bencher says Australian police need much more information to help fight terrorists. The member for La Trobe, Jason Wood, is a former senior officer with the Counter Terrorism Coordination Unit.He says Federal Police, and those in every State and Territory, should know about people with “shot firers licences” for using explosives, and their databases should be better linked to keep track of such lists.Mr Wood says terrorists, such as the September 11th hijackers, have often done legitimate training to gain the knowledge they need.He told Louise Yaxley he was also a strong supporter of a national ID card as another weapon against terrorists.JASON WOOD: I’m very much in favour of an identity card, and I suppose it goes back to 17 years in the police force, where one of the worst crimes against a person is when their actual identity is stolen by another person, when another person gets every aspect of their personal details, and, from a drivers’ licence to Medicare cards to whatever else, and then assumes this person’s identity and goes out and commits frauds.LOUISE YAXLEY: To prevent that, would it need the biometric information?JASON WOOD: Yeah, an identity card without having a photo ID with fingerprints and/or biometrics is a waste of time. If you just have a photo on it, as I found in the police force, buy fake ids a number of people from other nationalities look very similar, so it needs to be absolutely bullet proof in regards to the ID contained on it.LOUISE YAXLEY: Do you see it as being effective in stopping terrorism?JASON WOOD: Where it could actually strongly assist is in incidents where you’ve got a terrorist trying to purchase some products of hire a vehicle, they would then be required to produce the Australia card, because I’m sure once it’s used, it’ll be the standard across the country.LOUISE YAXLEY: So you’re suggesting that for it to be effective in that way, it would have to be produced often, such as when someone hires a vehicle?JASON WOOD: As far as I’m concerned, it’s going to be like a driver’s licence we have now, but with less chance of fraud and duplication.I know people get very concerned about privacy, and I do too, but everyone who has a car has a driver’s licence, that’s recorded, video cards, and the same too with an Australian card, the greatest purpose of that is actually to protect Australian citizens, and my response to them ?I would rather stand up and fight for the victims of this world rather than on the other side, where I allow there to be more victims out there through identity fraud, and also more serious crime, for people who have actually used fake IDs to get weapons or whatever else. Good Fake IDs LOUISE YAXLEY: You see some other flaws in the current system. What else needs to change?JASON WOOD: What I’m greatly concerned about is what I call the lack of interoperability between the police databases across this country.For example, as we’ve seen recently, a missing person reported in one State and located in another wouldn’t be matched up on the system, and this is my great concern ?how terrorists use legitimate training courses through their acquired knowledge, such as in September the 11, with pilot training, or purchase products like ammonium nitrate fertiliser, and how they use these legitimate means to gain their skills.Not in one police database across this country would investigators know who has a licence to possess explosives.And to me this is just a fundamental means to fight terrorism, because terrorists are trying to get hold of these explosives, but the last people to know are the investigators who are trying to keep an eye on them.The police databases, those who are charged with the responsibility of protecting people, must have at the tips of their fingers who has explosive licences, also with a new aviation identification card, if an investigator, he’s looking at a person who’s connected to a terrorist organisation, they want to know, right up front, that this person may have an aviation identification card, buy fake ids not after an incident.

Juliet Police trying to ID woman using cloned credit card

Juliet Police trying to ID woman using cloned credit card

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but plenty to fear from Ms ID Card

but plenty to fear from Ms ID Card

The alleged Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, says she needs to be able to prove who she is. I agree it’s a problem. It is hard to credit that this deeply unimpressive person holds the great office once occupied by Winston Churchill. I expect she gets stopped by doubting “security” men quite often.

I personally have trouble believing that she exists at all, or that this country should in general be run by witless wastes of space in thrall to all the stupidest ideas of the Sixties.

She says we “need” to “prove who we are”. But mainly we need to do this because the Government has spun a spider’s web of silly rules, which snags the law abiding and spares real troublemakers.

Just in case you are a Mafia money launderer, you must show a passport to change currency, or produce a gas bill to open a bank account.

Just in case you are a child molester, you must have your entire biography checked by police before you can work in all kinds of places.

Just in case you are a terrorist, you are barred from entering an increasing number of buildings, or from flying, unless you can produce a piece of plastic which supposedly says who you are.

Very soon, under section 14 of the Police and Justice Act 2006, the State will have the power to demand an identity document from anybody who wants to board the Isle of Wight ferry.

And I predict here that a photo identity will, before long, be required to buy a long distance rail or bus ticket, to stay in a hotel, to use a credit card or to buy a TV set or mobile phone.

These precautions are useless against real money launderers, paedophiles, Fake IDs gangsters and terrorists, who laugh at them.

But they make people like Ms Smith look and feel as if they are doing something.

Worse, they fool the gullible into thinking they are safer from crime and terror. Believe me, even if you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve something to fear.

And so they plough on with their “ID” cards, never admitting that the real purpose of these breathing licences is to increase the Government’s power to meddle in our private lives.

Many of you have helped me in my campaign against this unBritish scheme. And we have, in fact, won a small victory.

Ms Smith has now put off plans to force us to be fingerprinted when we renew our passports, probably until 2012.

Originally, this was meant to have started by now, but thousands of people renewed their passports early to avoid being fingerprinted and to protest and this has plainly frightened the Home Office. We can still beat this grotesque plan.

Why do respectable, educated people have anything to do with the moronic cult of football, a celebration of cheating, shamming, spite, crudity and greed?

Intelligence and thought seem to shrivel within a mile of any soccer field.

How could a thinking human have wanted to show public sympathy for a convicted criminal whose victim had been left partially blind?

Well, exactly, filltrustid but Tim Cahill did just that. His later apology was couched in the worthless “I’m sorry if .” mode, which effectively blames the witnesses of this loathsome gesture for being upset by it.

As a society, we have no guts and we will not defend ourselves when attacked. That is the simple message from the official RAF ban on wearing uniform in Peterborough.

In any proper country, the people who jeered at the servicemen would be the ones hiding themselves in shame. But not here.

That’s why short of a political earthquake we’re done, gone and finished, and will cease to exist as a nation within a generation or two. It’s also why those who can are getting out.

Remember this old, hard truth. If you don’t respect your own Armed Forces, you will fairly soon find that you have to respect someone else’s.

I am glad to see the back of the blasphemy laws. They were no use at protecting the Christian religion and gave some Muslim countries an excuse to apply much fiercer pro Islam laws against Christians, as Christians in Pakistan have told me.

We cannot complain about Muslim attempts to censor criticism of Islam if we have such laws. My own suspicion is that those, especially self proclaimed “artists”, who seek to make money through sacrilege will come to be ashamed of themselves, sooner or later. Meanwhile, cold contempt will hurt them much more than prosecution.

Let’s have an architectural crimes tribunal at which leading modern architects are condemned to dwell in their own hideous, stupid structures. filltrustid

The really serious cases could be compelled to blow up their own monstrosities in front of jubilant crowds of former occupants.

Bar codes and magnetic stripes used on California driver’s licenses

Bar codes and magnetic stripes used on California driver’s licenses

High tech driver’s licenses and state issued identification cards for non drivers are part of an expanding technology that allows computers into more areas of everyday life.

Bar codes, long a feature on consumer items to make automated checkout possible, have found an even wider use in keeping track of industrial manufacturing processes. Now, buy fake ids bar codes and magnetic stripes on plastic identification cards are being used more and more to keep track of people as well as products and manufacturing materials.

Like bank credit cards, the California licenses feature holograms that make duplication difficult. Also, they have images of the driver and his signature that are digitized electronic images rather than photographs glued to the document. filltrustid

On the front of the card, the driver’s image appears on the left side if he is an adult and on the right side if he is a minor.

On the back, each plastic license has a magnetic stripe that carries three tracks of information. Track 2 containing the birth date of the license holder, buy fake ids driver’s license number and expiration date is compatible with similar information carried on the backs of credit cards.

Fingerprinting charge to double cost of ID card to

Fingerprinting charge to double cost of ID card to

Miss Smith told the Social Market Foundation there would be an estimated seven million applications a year for ID cards, creating a ‘market’ with 200million of contracts to be won.

Experts estimated this would allow firms to charge fees equivalent to around 30 a head. This would be on top of the 30 ID card fee already set by the Home Office.

Separate Home Office figures published yesterday showed that the expected cost of ID cards to the public purse over the next 10 years has risen from 4.5billion earlier this year to around 5.1billion.

Opposition critics greeted the figures with dismay, urging the Home Secretary to ‘stop kidding herself’ and abandon the troubled project.

In her speech yesterday Ms Smith also dramatically scaled down the Government’s plans to begin issuing ID cards for UK citizens from next autumn.

The Home Secretary announced in March this year that staff working in sensitive ‘air side’ roles at Britain’s airports would be the first to be issued with cards from the end of the 2009.

But she revealed that only London City and Manchester airports would take part in an 18 month ‘evaluation period’ accounting for only 20,000 of an estimated 250,000 air side staff across the country.

The Home Office has faced strong protests from airport operators and airlines over its plans in recent months.

As well as leaving most airports out of the pilot scheme ministers have now had to sweeten the pill by promising to issue all cards for airport staff free of charge during the trial costing the taxpayer an extra 600,000.

The pilot scheme looks set to delay the wider introduction of ID cards beyond the next General Election which Labour must call by May 2010 at the latest.

As the Conservatives are promising to scrap the ID card project immediately once in office, that means the slower than expected roll out could quietly consign the project to oblivion. Fake IDs

If Labour wins the next election and ID cards survive, ministers hope to encourage all young Britons to apply for a card from 2010, extending the scheme to all citizens the following year.

In her speech yesterday Ms Smith raised eyebrows by claiming that many ordinary British people are already pestering her because they are so desperate to receive their ID cards earlier.

She said: ‘As I go around the country I regularly have people coming up to me and saying they don’t want to wait that long.’

Mrs Smith pledged to set up a special register so that British adults who are impatient for an ID card can record their interest next year in the hope of being among the first to be issued with a card.

Shadow Home Secretary, Dominic Grieve, said: ‘We already know that ID cards will do nothing to improve our security but may make it worse.

‘Now we see that the already substantial cost is going to increase. This is particularly outrageous given the current economic crisis.

Liberal Democrat spokesman Chris Huhne condemned ID Cards as a ‘laminated poll tax’, and said: ‘Ministers are choosing a limited number of guinea pigs at two smaller airports because they know how unpopular ID cards are.’

Ministers’ original boasts that ID cards would help combat terrorism were dealt a blow when former MI5 boss Stella Rimington dismissed the claim.

A pamphlet released yesterday explaining the cards to the public focused on more mundane benefits, such as proving one’s age in a pub or applying for a mortgage.

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Murfreesboro PD ask for help identifying credit card skimming suspect

Murfreesboro PD ask for help identifying credit card skimming suspect

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Credit Card With Fingerprint Identification

Credit Card With Fingerprint Identification

Credit card technology is in a never ending race to stay ahead of criminals intent on racking up fraudulent charges on your account. The simple magnetic swipe that worked for many years is rapidly giving way to chip and PIN technology but even that technology has weak points. Point of sale transactions are beginning to accept alternate technologies to traditional credit cards, such as contactless payments using near field communication (Apple Pay, for example). Will the chip card become obsolete before it becomes dominant?Don count out card insertion technology just yet. MasterCard plans to introduce a variation of the chip carrying credit card that uses fingerprint identification to produce secure point of sale transactions. The card is currently in a trial phase in South Africa, but MasterCard intends to expand testing to Asian and European markets within a few months, targeting a worldwide rollout by the end of 2017.Here how it works: Your fingerprint pattern is encrypted and stored on the card EMV chip using a fingerprint reader embedded in the opposite end of the card. When you insert your card into a chip reader to initiate a transaction, you place your finger over the fingerprint reader portion of the card (which stays outside the merchant chip reader). The chip validates your identity by matching your fingerprint to the stored pattern, allowing the transaction to proceed. The change is simple for merchants, since those that already have a chip reader do not have to invest in a separate fingerprint reader.Theoretically, this biometric card improves security over chip and PIN because a thief may have managed to get your PIN as well as your card and a fingerprint card is certainly more secure than a chip card that requires only a signature. Fake IDs Fingerprint reading devices are not infallible, as they have been breached in several inventive ways on phones but thieves are not likely to take the effort to fool point of sale transactions this way. They are far more likely just to use your card for online transactions. Online transactions bypass the fingerprint process entirely, using other identifying information that may have already been stolen along with your card information (such as passwords and security questions).How can fraudulent online use be prevented? There is a relatively creative approach being tested in several French financial institutions. The “Motion Code” technology contains a simple display embedded in the card signature strip that changes the three digit security code each hour. Your breached credit card number would be useless to online thieves, since the rotating security code would be virtually impossible for any thief to guess.The downside of the Motion Code: a thief that has stolen your physical credit card can use it at will. It also remains to be seen whether the display will remain functional and readable over the life of a credit card, and since the display requires power, whether there will be any battery issues.In short, there is no 100% safe credit card technology. However, most theft takes place through simple means. If you engage in higher risk practices like using simple passwords, not protecting your PIN and identifying/personal information, Good Fake IDs and transmitting your information over unsecured wireless systems, your chances of credit card fraud are greatly increased.Take reasonable steps to protect your physical cards and all information associated with those cards, and take advantage of all protection services that your card issuer provides (such as fraud alerts and notifications of unusual account activity). Check your account activity regularly for any false charges, even small ones thieves may place them before launching a larger scale attack on your account, just to see if you are paying attention. Make it difficult to access and use your card information, and fraudsters are more likely to move on to less challenging targets.Check your credit report periodically to make sure that no fraudulent accounts have been opened in your name. You can check your credit report and your credit score for free within minutes using Credit Manager by MoneyTips.If new credit card and payment technology still makes you nervous, consider the words of Adam Carroll, Founder and Chief Education Officer of National Financial Educators, “Cash is still king, particularly for those that aren disciplined enough to keep their spending at a minimum.” Those funny green rectangles still work in most places, and exclusive use of them may prevent you from racking up excessive debt.If you want more credit, check out MoneyTips list of credit card offers. Best Fake ID websites If you would like to monitor your credit to prevent identity theft and see your credit reports and scores, check out our credit monitoring service.