Arizona Fugitive Arrested In OK After Living Under Fake Identity

Arizona Fugitive Arrested In OK After Living Under Fake Identity

23rd Street. He lived with his girlfriend, telling neighbors he was a yard man and had retired from the police force.

But investigators say his real name is actually Jerry Hearn, a wanted fugitive out of Arizona.

We told he assumed the identity of Kenneth Watson, an actual person who moved away from Oklahoma in 2003.

“I actually thought they were some weird people that lived next door to us, best fake id they didn talk,” Hearn neighbor said.

Hearn neighbor doesn want to reveal her identity. She says she always thought something was odd about the couple living next door.

“He just kind of stayed to himself, so I never knew actually what his name was or her name or anything,” said the neighbor. “They just stayed in the house all the time. scannable fake ids

About a month ago, the FBI got a tip about where Hearn was living. And on Monday, FBI agents and city police arrested Hearn at his home. The charges include the robberies of a bank, two restaurants, and a convenience store, between June and August of 2003. scannable fake ids

Man facing charges after ID card fell out of pocket during home

Man facing charges after ID card fell out of pocket during home

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill.The victim called police on July 26 and reported a man she did not know came out from under her bed holding a screwdriver and told her he wanted sex. After telling the suspect the victim was raped, police said.After the attack, the victim ran from the house naked and jumped into her vehicle, where she called police.While undressing at the woman home, police said, the suspect identification card fell out of his pocket. Best Fake ID websites John Yarbrough, 33, was charged on Friday with two counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault, two counts of home invasion, two counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault with a weapon and one count of residential burglary. His bail was set at $750,000.According to police, the suspect had to bend the metal bars on the victim window to enter the home.Accident closes Northbound I 55 in Jefferson County for several hoursAccident closes Northbound I 55 in Jefferson County for several hoursUpdated: Friday, June 23 2017 7:03 PM EDT2017 06 23 23:03:01 GMTNorthbound Interstate 55 was closed near Route A for several hours on Friday afternoon due to an accidentNorthbound Interstate 55 was closed near Route A for several hours on Friday afternoon due to an accidentBusinesses participating in ‘Safe Place’ program for LGBTQ communityBusinesses participating in ‘Safe Place’ program for LGBTQ communityUpdated: Friday, June 23 2017 6:59 PM EDT2017 06 23 22:59:20 GMTSt. buy fake ids Louis police are working to make the city a “Safe Place” for those in the LGBTQ community. (Credit: KMOV)St. Louis police are working to make the city a Place for those in the LGBTQ community.St. Louis police are working to make the city a Place for those in the LGBTQ community.’Shop Out Hunger’ event seeks to collect thousands of cans of food’Shop Out Hunger’ event seeks to collect thousands of cans of foodUpdated: Friday, June 23 2017 6:51 PM EDT2017 06 23 22:51:41 GMTShop Out Hunger. Credit: KMOVIf you’re going grocery shopping this weekend, you’ll get a chance to help feed hungry families.If you’re going grocery shopping this weekend, you’ll get a chance to help feed hungry families.Suspect charged in connection with South City sexual assaultsSuspect charged in connection with South City sexual assaultsUpdated: Friday, scannable ids June 23 2017 6:14 PM EDT2017 06 23 22:14:20 GMT

lost my Portuguese ID card and passport

lost my Portuguese ID card and passport

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Lost Portuguese Passport. [ 0 Answers ]

My Grandma had made her Portuguese passport in the year 1960, she remembers the month but doesn’t excatly remembers the day, buy fake ids something between 15 25, so somewhere around

15 25 of Dec.1960 was the day she made her Portuguese passport. But she has all her details like Birth Certificate, filltrustid Marriage.

Lost portuguese passport [ 1 Answers ]I am of goan origin and my father is also a goan. My father has applied for the portuguese passport as he is entittled for it, the process is very very slow and time is running out for me and my brother. buy fake ids As per my fathers memory, during portuguese time he had his portuguese passport but he did.

ID cards were a bad idea from the start

ID cards were a bad idea from the start

The Coalition’s first Bill will be debated in the House of Commons tomorrow and, fittingly, it involves the repeal of a measure that is emblematic of the last Labour government’s time in office: ID cards.

I have lost count of the articles I have written about them since they were first proposed by David Blunkett, the former home secretary, after the September 11 attacks in America in 2001. At the time, Labour claimed support from about 80 per cent of the population for a mandatory scheme that would involve establishing a National Identity Register to carry the personal details of every adult in the land.

For many, as the dust from the collapsed World Trade Centre towers cleared to reveal a changed security landscape, this seemed a small price to pay for improved safety in the face of the terrorist threat. A familiar phrase came to be used to justify the proposal: if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

But of course this was never a security measure at all. The Home Office had been trying to establish a register of the population ever since the last ID card was abolished after the Second World War. When he was home secretary in the previous Conservative government in 1994, Michael Howard flirted with the idea but was beaten back.

As Peter Lilley, one of the foremost Cabinet critics of the idea put it: “There is no policy that has been hawked, unsold, around Whitehall for longer than identity cards. It was always brought to us as a solution looking for problems.”

Before al Qaeda came on the scene, these problems for which ID cards were the answer included benefit fraud and under age smoking, drinking, and betting on the National Lottery. There was hardly a peep about international terrorism or illegal immigration because these were not the problems then that they are today.

The September 11 attacks were another opportunity for proponents of ID cards to push their cause. The only problem was that none of the arguments advanced in their favour held any more water than before. To begin with, fake ids there were civil liberties objections, which Labour deemed to have overcome, though on what basis was never fully explained. But it was the practical tests to which ID cards were subjected that proved their undoing. More evidence emerged to show they would do little to reduce crime, nothing to stop suicide bombers, would be useless against illegal immigrants and of doubtful value against fraud.

Labour also muddied the waters about the costs. The figure that was given for their introduction about 500 million a year when they were up and running applied only to the Home Office budget. Since it was envisaged that all public bodies would eventually need ID card readers, the potential cost was far higher, and could have surpassed 10 billion in the long run. Official figures suggesting that they would actually prove financially beneficial, because the scheme would be funded through charges, were fanciful, both financially and politically.

Labour was also happy to frame this debate in terms of carrying the card, which would not be mandatory, when in fact the real issue was the National Identity Register and the information it would contain. As popular backing for ID cards fell away, Labour switched tack entirely and began to argue that whether we liked it or not, the money would have to be spent on introducing state of the art biometric passports, without which we could not get into America.

This was rubbish, too; but it meant the cost of setting up the new system could be hidden behind this apparently unavoidable spending on passports. As a result, the cost of a passport has shot up over the years. In 1995, just before Labour took office, buy fake ids a 10 year adult passport cost 18. That was the year we said farewell to the distinctive, stiff backed, 32 page “Old Blue”, in which details height, eye colour and other distinguishing markings were written out in the best copper plate of officialdom; it was replaced by the flexible, burgundy coloured Euro document, with which we are now all miserably familiar. Today, a basic 10 year passport costs 77.50. A jumbo will cost more, and if you want one in a hurry, you will pay 138.50. You even have to fork out 49 for a baby’s passport or 96 if you’re in a rush when, until recently, you could amend your own to include the offspring for a fiver. So, even though the last rites will be read tomorrow over the ID card, we are still paying the price of this folly when we go to get our new passport, to which the development of the biometrics for the identity system was linked.

Latterly, Mr Blunkett came to the conclusion that the ID card was probably not a good idea after all, and that the passport could act perfectly well as an identity document, as, indeed, it has done since they were first invented. We would all have been saved a lot of time, fake ids money and effort if he had thought of that in the first place.

Biometric ID card has merit

Biometric ID card has merit

A key component of immigration enforcement is the ability to verify the identity of people seeking employment in this country. So far, that has been a vexing problem, complicated by the difficulties in making sure documents that workers present to establish their employment eligibility are in fact their documents. A bipartisan proposal, pitched by Sens. Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham, to require biometric Social Security cards has the potential to remedy those problems. Such a credential would include an identifier, such as a fingerprint, to positively connect the card to the person presenting it. A biometric card system, properly implemented, could dramatically reduce the numbers of illegal immigrants who fake their way into employment. Along with secure borders, we believe a reliable identification card is a prerequisite to major immigration reform. buy fake ids When Congress last approved a major immigration overhaul in 1986, it ultimately failed because it didn’t include such a card, which made it difficult to crack down on businesses that hired illegals. There has to be a relatively easy way for employers to determine whether a job candidate is eligible to work. And when there is, there also should be a hefty punishment for employers who choose to hire illegal immigrants anyway. The Schumer Graham proposal includes such penalties. Immigration reform, including a path to citizenship for those who earn it, is a controversial topic, and for good reason. Without assurances that access to our borders can be controlled and employers held accountable if they hire illegal workers, the public likely will never support reform. We sympathize with that point of view. We need a comprehensive approach that includes knowing who is in this country. Without one, Best Fake ID websites we would find ourselves right back where we are in now, with millions of illegal residents living in the shadows. Privacy advocates are raising concerns about the biometric card proposal, the same way they did in addressing other national identification proposals, such as Real ID. The issues include worries that a centralized database of resident fingerprints might be abused by the federal government. Others fear the credential would become a key identity document that then might be required in order to get on an airplane, cast a vote or buy a gun. We don’t brush off privacy concerns, and we’d like to hear the full debate on the issues, but generally speaking, we don’t think it’s bad for people to have to verify their identity for important activities such as those we have mentioned. We also are strong believers in checks and balances. Technology has become an increasingly important tool in securing our nation in this post 9/11 world. We surely hope that concerns about the potential abuse of such advances don’t scuttle meritorious proposals, such as the biometric Social Security card, Good Fake IDs before they can be fully explored.

activated SIM cards on fake IDs in Delhi

activated SIM cards on fake IDs in Delhi

New Delhi: A man, who allegedly sold pre activated SIM cards on fake IDs some of which were used by an espionage ring suspected to be backed by Pakistan’s ISI, has been arrested, police said on Monday.

The accused, Mohit Gupta (33) is a resident of Shakurpur in east Delhi, said police.

“Gupta is an expert in computers and began to use his skills with the computer for creating fake IDs and activating SIM cards on these fake IDs and selling the same for anything between Rs 500 700,” Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravindra Yadav said.

Several fake IDs, blank Customer Acquisition Forms (CAFs) were recovered from Mohit. During the screening of his personal laptop, more than 1000 fake IDs and an equal number of photographs of different persons were found in a folder, buy fake ids Yadav said.

Gupta was arrested on Friday by the inter state cell of the Crime Branch, said police.

Gupta’s name emerged during the interrogation of Ankush Khandelwal, a resident of Sector 5 in outer Delhi’s Rohini locality, who also allegedly sold pre activated SIM cards on forged IDs some of which were used by an espionage ring suspected to be backed by ISI.

Khandelwal was arrested around two weeks ago and the police recovered 205 pre activated SIM cards and 28 forged documents from his possession.

“During investigation of the espionage case, it emerged that an Af Pak region based Pakistani intelligence operative was using a SIM card issued from Delhi to contact his agents in the spying ring, suspected to be backed by ISI, here.

Further investigation brought out that the SIM card was issued on forged identity proof,” Yadav added. Best Fake IDs

Both Khandelwal and Gupta have been booked on the charge of cheating and forgery, police said.

On October 26, a team of Delhi Police had tracked down an alleged Pakistani intelligence operative, identified as Kafaitullah Khan while he was heading from Jammu to Bhopal, following which four persons, including a serving BSF official, a retired and a serving armyman, were arrested.

While Khan, a native of Rajouri district in Jammu and Kashmir and alleged head of a suspected ISI backed espionage racket, was arrested in Delhi, three others were rounded up in Rajouri and one from Siliguri in West Bengal. Good Fake IDs

Fake ID cards fuel teenage booze binge From The Northern Echo

Fake ID cards fuel teenage booze binge From The Northern Echo

Trading standards officers from North Yorkshire County Council say they have noticed an upsurge in the number of fake identification cards being used and believe the growing trade in the cards is

undermining attempts to deal with underage drinking.

They are now working with licence holders on an operation to expose youngsters using the fake identification to buy alcohol.

Officers will be visiting off licences and other outlets to show retailers what the cards look like, and to emphasise the need to train staff about which forms of identification areThey will also be promoting the Challenge 21 strategy, under which anyone who looks younger 21 is asked to provide proof of their date of birth.

The scheme is already used by a number of supermarkets. Fake ID

Yesterday, county councillor Helen Swiers, executive member for trading standards and regulatory services, issued a warning about the dangers of underage drinking.

“These cards are frighteningly realistic and children as young as 14 are using them to buy alcohol,” she said. scannable ids

“If young people start drinking heavily, they are likely to face a future of disease, including liver problems, cancer and mental health problems.

“In addition, drinking to excess can lead young people to commit crimes or become victims themselves. Good Fake IDs

DHQ alerts on circulation of fake national identity card

DHQ alerts on circulation of fake national identity card


It said that the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) remained the only agency responsible for registration and issuance of the national identity card.

This is contained in a statement by Col. filltrustid Rabe Abubakar, Acting Director of Defence Information, in Abuja.

According to the statement, the approved national identity card, filltrustid which is a chip based card, has over 18 security features.

It explained that some of the features were not visible to naked eyes, which distinguished the card from any of its kinds and could only be issued by the NIMC.

implication of fake national ID cards in circulation is that Boko Haram terrorists in the North East also used similar method of identification for their members in the past who were nabbed by the military.

The statement said the alert would assist the security forces to contain infiltration of illegal aliens who may acquire the cards to legalise their migration into the country to support the terrorists.

3 NYC men tried using fake IDs to buy more than

3 NYC men tried using fake IDs to buy more than

Three men are accused of allegedly using fake IDs in an attempt to buy supplies from Home Depot in Mariners Harbor, police say.

Eti Checho Dejesus and Christhian Calderon, both of Manhattan, and Bronx resident Steven Diaz entered the Home Depot on Forest Avenue Thursday afternoon and filled up three carts worth of merchandise before proceeding to the checkout counter, according to allegations on court documents.

Checho Dejesus and Calderon went to one register where Checho Dejesus gave a social security number and Pennsylvania driver’s license for a “Miguel Crespo” in order to access a line of credit to purchase $2,684. best fake id 07 worth of supplies, but both men left the store without the merchandise while the documents were being examined, police said.

Calderon had a Dominican Republic license with a fake name, according to the complaint.

Diaz went to a different register and attempted to buy $599.67 in merchandise before leaving it behind after receiving a phone call, according to court documents. buy fake ids He had a Connecticut license in the name of Jesus D. Marrero, police said.

The three are charged with multiple counts of attempted grand larceny, attempted criminal possession of stolen property in the fifth degree, criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree, criminal impersonation in the second degree and attempted petit larceny, according to a spokesman for District Attorney Daniel Donovan’s office. scannable fake ids

214 with veterans ID card clears Senate

214 with veterans ID card clears Senate

Department of Veterans Affairs without burdening taxpayers. The House passed the bill last month with 402 representatives backing it and no votes cast against it. Rep. Vern Buchanan, R Fla., introduced the Veterans ID Card Act earlier this year. Buchanan’s bill would ensure all veterans receive ID cards from the VA instead of just those who served 20 years in the armed forces or are seeking medical treatment for service related wounds.

In pushing his bill in recent months, Buchanan has noted veterans are forced to carry DD 214 paperwork, which contains sensitive information including Social Security numbers, and an ID card would be more convenient and would do a better job of keeping their personal information secure.

“A simple, standardized ID card will make life easier for our veterans and serve as a reminder that our brave service men and women deserve all the respect a grateful nation can offer,” Buchanan said on Tuesday.

Buchanan insisted his bill was budget neutral since veterans who opted for the ID card would have a small fee which the VA secretary would examine every five years. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D Conn., offered anamendment to Buchanan’s bill ensuring all veterans would be elegible for the ID card, sending the billback to the House. Buchanan’s office expects the bill to sail through the House once again and be signed into law by President Barack Obama. Rep. Rep. Corrine Brown, D Fla., the ranking Democrat on the committee. Reps. Reps. Ted Deutch and Alcee Hastings. The bill has also won the backing of veterans groups including AMVETS and Veterans for Common Sense (VCS).

Anthony Hardie, the director of VCS, praised the bill on Tuesday.

“Veterans who have honorably served their country deserve to have a simple, straightforward way to prove their veteran status,” Hardie said. “Veterans for Common Sense supports sensible legislation like Rep. He was sand bagged by the clerks there He finally gave up There was no sympathy , no understanding, just a very COLD atmosphere, which was not Veteran friendly The clerk seemed disinterested in their jobs No bill in Congress is going to change that situation AND it will cost the VA a lot of
to implement any change It is a disappointing situation for veterans who go to VA OPC clinics to get rudimentary care and are NOT serviced The percentage of dissatisfaction can not be tallied because , most veteran are not vocal about their VA benefits or lack of VA benefits BUT , if you hang around a VA OPC , the obvious lack of attention to the job at hand is extraordinarily there in plain sight

I have NOT read all the comments. I have a retired military ID card that has a 10 digit number assigned to it in place of the SSAN. However, wherever I go within the military system they always ask for the SSAN, “Say What”. The article states that between the Senate (Blumenthal) and the House (Buchanan) they keep tossing the stuff back and forth for amendments, etc. It is no wonder that nothing ever gets done in “Congress”, the direct opposite of “Progress” because of all the dilly dallying and changing a word here and a letter there. Despite what someone had said about common sense all I can say is that there is NO COMMON SENSE in either of the Houses of, again, CONGRESS. Remember PRO is for and CON is against.

About time! Scannable Fake IDs I had been carrying copies of my DD 214 in my car glove box along with a copy of my military discharge to use for retail discounts on purchases. I readily found that not all would accept a DD 214 as the person(s) didn understand that it was an official document and wanted to see an actual frame able discharge document which doesn make much sense to me other than being prettier than the DD 214. I attempted to reduce my DD 214 and discharge papers to wallet size and laminate but then the printing was too small and some retailers balked at honoring the discount as they could not read the very small print. I also agree with ray v that as a former service member with an id card you should be able to shop in any px or bx. Do former congressional members benefits continue after they leave office? And, finally let hear it for LOWE who recognize all military veterans past and present for a 10% discount. Some competitors do not consider veterans of past conflicts like WWII, Korea and Vietnam eligible for discounts.

ID Card, for what? The VA is completely political and way under funded. Here is a fact, explain this, I never used my VA medical because I had commercial insurance. I found out I had cancer and more then likely it was service connected so I went to the VA. I had three campaigns during Vietnam with two bronze stars on my DD 214. I am also retired Air Force. I was turned down by the VA because I made to much money. Basicly they thanked me for my service and showed me the door. No one asked me if I had enough money when I was making $78.00 a month, plus $55.00 for combat pay. You can trust the VA if you want to, it is all bull as far as I concerned. By the way my primary care doctor was with the VA and quite because of political bull. They need to fix the Va system before worrying about ID cards.

When I enlisted in the 1967, we were told that if we spent 20 years serving, and retired we could get free medical care for the rest of our life, access to all military bases to us PX and Exchange facilities and receive a portion of our basic pay. Simple contract we serve and receive in return. We gave up control of our lives to the demands of the military at minimum pay. It was a bag of sand, we served and they cut a whole in the bag. By closing military bases our guaranteed access disappeared to use what was promised. Military retired pay upgrades are always tied to something other than a stand along military pay bill and often never gets approved because what it is included in, thus leaving congress with a clear conscience, and let us not forget that when Congress turned all the Exchange facilities from military positions to civilian and required the exchanges to be profit making to pay for these civilian jobs, thus any savings from low prices we were getting disappeared. I for one don not like the idea of a magnetic strip on a card that can be stolen by anyone with the technology to steal my identity. And to have to pay for such a privilege, and that is what they can call it, is morally wrong. That money could easily be found by removing the retirement programs that congress receives, full salary and medical for life after serving only one term, they should be in Social Security, likewise they should be required to travel in coach like we have to do when being transferred or catch a jump seat in a transport plane. Just look at how Nancy Pelosi travels, private military plane, top shelf booze and food and treats the military personnel like crap. The money she spends yearly would more then pay for the id cards, just another source for funding that always escapes the budget axe. If they issue an idea card, I agree they need to return to a unique id number like our old Service Number which I still remember after all these years, the Idea should also include a current photo and have the same protection as driver license are afforded. I try to use the local VA facility but it is extremely lacking in Doctors and services, especially prescription services which I have to call into San Francisco and it takes up to two weeks to receive. If you need something special you have to ride a 7 hour coach ride south and with no radio or TV on board, Scannable Fake IDs they had them but some jackass in San Francisco will not let the drivers use them. Not all of us have access to personal digital entertainment, most of which will not work due to the remoteness of the road. We use to have a private contractor for VA services but the doctors running the facility wanted to retire, we received super service there. So the VA built a new facility with all sorts of promises as to the service that would be offered, most of which never developed. Even now it takes weeks to get an appointment to see someone at the new clinic. One day I was at the new clinic and gave up my follow up appointment for another veteran who was having serious issues, I don know what it was but his wife gave me a hug and was in tears. On that day there was only one nurse practitioner available so I rescheduled which was a month later for the next appointment. This area has a huge number of veterans and retired vets going back to WWI.

DD 214 4 peovides information dor discharge, like I read previously some merit to recieve an ID card due to the nature of discharge. On the other hand some discharges unfortunatey do notqualify because the discharge was dishonorable and are not entitle to recieve benefits. There are various type of discharge;

1. Honorable Discharge means that your performance was good to excellent. Usually retirement personnel or medical by disability are entitle to this type of discharge.

2. Generable discharge means, General discharges are given to service members whose performance is satisfactory but is marked by a considerable departure in duty performance and conduct expected of military members. Reasons for such a characterization of service vary, from medical discharges to misconduct, and are utilized by the unit commander as a means to correct unacceptable behavior prior to initiating discharge action (unless the reason is drug abuse, in which case discharge is mandatory.

A general discharge may preclude a veteran participation in the GI Bill, service on veterans commissions, and other programs for which an honorable discharge is required, but is eligible for VA disability and most other benefits.

3. Other than honorable means An OTH is a form of administrative discharge. This type of discharge represents a departure from the conduct and performance expected of all military members. It can also be given as the result of certain civil hearings. This also means that they are bared for reenlistment. They are eligible for VA and Other Than Honorable recipients are eligible for Montgomery GI Bill benefits if they have completed at least one honorable discharge, but are not excluded from all Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits.

4. Bad Conduct Discharge, A Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD) can only be given by a court martial (either Special or General) as punishment to an enlisted service member. Bad conduct discharges are often preceded by a period of confinement in a military prison. The discharge itself is not executed until completion of both confinement and the appellate review process.

Virtually all veterans benefits are forfeited by a Bad Conduct Discharge; BCD recipients are not eligible for VA disability compensation in accordance with 38 CFR 3.12.

5. Dishonarable discharge, A dishonorable discharge (DD) can only be handed down to an enlisted member by a general court martial. Dishonorable discharges are handed down for what the military considers the most reprehensible conduct.

With this characterization of service, all veterans benefits are lost, regardless of any past honorable service, and this type of discharge is regarded as shameful in the military. In many states a dishonorable discharge is deemed the equivalent of a felony conviction, with attendant loss of civil rights.[14] Additionally, US federal law prohibits ownership of firearms by those who have been dishonorably discharged[15] per the Gun Control Act of 1968.

So all discharge are explain and some can retain thier benefits, others have to forfeit thier benefits. So it is somewhat fallacious to say that every service member can get an ID. Scannable Fake ID

I see it got amended in the Senate, kicked back down to the house to vote on the amendment. Has to be two similar bills to reach the President. Hope it doesn stall in the House. The amendment seemed to rid of the “Honorable” criteria and just changed it by deleting that part of the bill to just.

Germany approves ID card for refugees

Germany approves ID card for refugees

Germany’s cabinet has agreed to introduce an identity card for refugees as it tries to better control the wave of migrants arriving from Syria, Afghanistan and other troubled spots.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under increasing criticism by opposition groups and some of her conservative allies for opening up Germany’s borders to Syrian refugees, criticism that has increased since the November 13 attacks in Paris.

The cards will include information on refugees’ date and place of birth, nationality and gender, Scannable Fake IDs as well as a photo and details on height and eye colour. Registration centres will also take fingerprints.

“This way we can try and better detect people who are trying to disguise their identity,” Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere said in a statement.

The government hopes to start handing the cards out by mid February, once the ID cards have been approved by parliament, Best Fake ID websites with the aim of fully introducing them by next year.

Refugees will need an ID card if they want to receive benefits and apply for asylum, de Maiziere said.

“The draft law is a further important step to register the people who are arriving quickly while ensuring their identity,” he added.

City Council OKs municipal ID card

City Council OKs municipal ID card

Last week, the City Council approved 43 3 with two abstentions a bill that allows New Yorkers to have a municipal ID regardless of their citizen status.

One of the primary goals of the New York City Identity Card is to provide city services for approximately 500,000 undocumented immigrants living throughout the five boroughs.

Senior citizens and displaced youth will also benefit from the program because sometimes they cannot provide identification to obtain public services they need.

The Council expects to begin issuing the municipal identifications at the start of 2015. The de Blasio administration is still working out the details of the program.

With these IDs, New Yorkers without legal immigration status will be able to open bank accounts, cash checks, get a library card or sign a lease. The identification will include a photo of the cardholder, name, date of birth, address and expiration date.

To apply for a card, the New Yorker will have to provide proof of residency, such as a utility bill.

New Yorker deserves equal access to the services and benefits our city has to offer, filltrustid said Council Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito (D Manhattan). legislation will level the playing field and expand access to greater opportunities to anyone who calls New York City home.

many undocumented immigrants, having no ID means living in the shadows, state Assemblyman Francisco Moya (D Jackson Heights) said. our undocumented neighbors, living life without an identification card creates enormous barriers to accomplishing mundane tasks, like opening a bank account. Bill de Blasio is expected to sign the legislation into law. He promised to create a municipal identification program during last year mayoral campaign.

De Blasio set aside $8 million for the initiative as part of the city $75 billion annual budget. The city budget was approved last week.

will be the largest and most successful program of its kind, said Councilman Carlos Menchaca (D Brooklyn), chairman of the Committee on Immigration.

Perrito from Jackson Heights says:

So, illegal aliens will have to give all their to the government to get an ID card.

Will de Blasio set up an agency (staffed with a few hundred of his supporters) to CHECK the documents? Will we verify the applicants have been screened for diseases, Scannable Fake IDs had their shots, aren wanted criminals?

Will de Blasio let them vote (for him I am sure) and get thousands and thousands of dollars in paid for by the taxpayers?

This sounds so good (bless those NYC taxpayers, they are SO generous) I may apply too, will anyone say anything that I am really a French Poodle?

Report abuseJuly 4, 2014, 10:14 am

wrong lesson from queens says:

This tells kids that it is okay to break laws. Why shouldn they shoplift, steal cars, etc. You cannot have selective enforcement of laws. You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or sexually oriented material or any material that may violate applicable law; scannable ids doing so may lead to the removal of your post and to your being permanently banned from posting to the site.

Men Used Fake IDs Credit Cards To Rent Cars

Men Used Fake IDs Credit Cards To Rent Cars

Best American History Vacation SpotsA look at five of the best American history vacation spots in five different sections of the country

Up And Coming International Vacation SpotsThings change fast in the international world of travel. From time to time, there are fairly untouched gems, like Mozambique 15 years ago or Cuba 10 years ago. For very different reasons, Germany, Argentina, the Philippines, and Madagascar are destinations to consider or re consider for your up and coming vacation bucket list. (CBSNewYork/AP) Three Long Island men used counterfeit credit cards and phony driver licenses to rent cars at airports and then sell the vehicles at deeply discounted prices, prosecutors said Wednesday.

A 23 year old suspect, Fake IDs workingin the bedroom of his parents Lindenhurst home, used stolen information to create fake credit cards and driver licenses using equipment he got on eBay, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said.

DA: Thieves Rented Cars, Sold Them For Cheap

The suspects then “sold their rental cars for pennies on the dollar, Spota said.

Spota said the car rental companies apparently did not discover the vehicles missing until several weeks after they had already been sold.

scheme illustrates to all of us what is happening today, with not only consumers who use credit cards, but businesses who are accepting credit cards, the dangers that lurk out there, Spota said. buy fake ids for the businesses, it a tremendously high loss. of the vehicles were sold to buyers in South America, Spota said.

A fourth suspect was arrested during the investigation and faces a drug charge.

The investigation is ongoing and further arrests are possible. and its relevant subsidiaries. Used under license. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. fake ids The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Changes to South Carolina ID Cards Delayed

Changes to South Carolina ID Cards Delayed

Columbia, SC (WLTX) South Carolinians will be able to use their South Carolina driver licenses to enter military bases and federal buildings. Department of Homeland Security this week. The extension is until June 6, 2017 and certain changes will be made to the licenses. Good Fake IDs The changes were mandidated by Congress under the REAL ID Act of 2005. driver licenses would no longer be a federally accepted form of ID.

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles director Kevin Shwedo will appear before a Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday January 18 at 11 AM to give a compete briefing on the extension.

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Liberal MP backs ID card as effective counter

Liberal MP backs ID card as effective counter

Liberal MP backs ID card as effective counter terrorism toolMARK COLVIN: A Federal Liberal back bencher says Australian police need much more information to help fight terrorists. The member for La Trobe, Jason Wood, is a former senior officer with the Counter Terrorism Coordination Unit.He says Federal Police, and those in every State and Territory, should know about people with “shot firers licences” for using explosives, and their databases should be better linked to keep track of such lists.Mr Wood says terrorists, such as the September 11th hijackers, have often done legitimate training to gain the knowledge they need.He told Louise Yaxley he was also a strong supporter of a national ID card as another weapon against terrorists.JASON WOOD: I’m very much in favour of an identity card, and I suppose it goes back to 17 years in the police force, where one of the worst crimes against a person is when their actual identity is stolen by another person, when another person gets every aspect of their personal details, and, from a drivers’ licence to Medicare cards to whatever else, and then assumes this person’s identity and goes out and commits frauds.LOUISE YAXLEY: To prevent that, would it need the biometric information?JASON WOOD: Yeah, an identity card without having a photo ID with fingerprints and/or biometrics is a waste of time. If you just have a photo on it, as I found in the police force, buy fake ids a number of people from other nationalities look very similar, so it needs to be absolutely bullet proof in regards to the ID contained on it.LOUISE YAXLEY: Do you see it as being effective in stopping terrorism?JASON WOOD: Where it could actually strongly assist is in incidents where you’ve got a terrorist trying to purchase some products of hire a vehicle, they would then be required to produce the Australia card, because I’m sure once it’s used, it’ll be the standard across the country.LOUISE YAXLEY: So you’re suggesting that for it to be effective in that way, it would have to be produced often, such as when someone hires a vehicle?JASON WOOD: As far as I’m concerned, it’s going to be like a driver’s licence we have now, but with less chance of fraud and duplication.I know people get very concerned about privacy, and I do too, but everyone who has a car has a driver’s licence, that’s recorded, video cards, and the same too with an Australian card, the greatest purpose of that is actually to protect Australian citizens, and my response to them ?I would rather stand up and fight for the victims of this world rather than on the other side, where I allow there to be more victims out there through identity fraud, and also more serious crime, for people who have actually used fake IDs to get weapons or whatever else. Good Fake IDs LOUISE YAXLEY: You see some other flaws in the current system. What else needs to change?JASON WOOD: What I’m greatly concerned about is what I call the lack of interoperability between the police databases across this country.For example, as we’ve seen recently, a missing person reported in one State and located in another wouldn’t be matched up on the system, and this is my great concern ?how terrorists use legitimate training courses through their acquired knowledge, such as in September the 11, with pilot training, or purchase products like ammonium nitrate fertiliser, and how they use these legitimate means to gain their skills.Not in one police database across this country would investigators know who has a licence to possess explosives.And to me this is just a fundamental means to fight terrorism, because terrorists are trying to get hold of these explosives, but the last people to know are the investigators who are trying to keep an eye on them.The police databases, those who are charged with the responsibility of protecting people, must have at the tips of their fingers who has explosive licences, also with a new aviation identification card, if an investigator, he’s looking at a person who’s connected to a terrorist organisation, they want to know, right up front, that this person may have an aviation identification card, buy fake ids not after an incident.

Juliet Police trying to ID woman using cloned credit card

Juliet Police trying to ID woman using cloned credit card

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but plenty to fear from Ms ID Card

but plenty to fear from Ms ID Card

The alleged Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, says she needs to be able to prove who she is. I agree it’s a problem. It is hard to credit that this deeply unimpressive person holds the great office once occupied by Winston Churchill. I expect she gets stopped by doubting “security” men quite often.

I personally have trouble believing that she exists at all, or that this country should in general be run by witless wastes of space in thrall to all the stupidest ideas of the Sixties.

She says we “need” to “prove who we are”. But mainly we need to do this because the Government has spun a spider’s web of silly rules, which snags the law abiding and spares real troublemakers.

Just in case you are a Mafia money launderer, you must show a passport to change currency, or produce a gas bill to open a bank account.

Just in case you are a child molester, you must have your entire biography checked by police before you can work in all kinds of places.

Just in case you are a terrorist, you are barred from entering an increasing number of buildings, or from flying, unless you can produce a piece of plastic which supposedly says who you are.

Very soon, under section 14 of the Police and Justice Act 2006, the State will have the power to demand an identity document from anybody who wants to board the Isle of Wight ferry.

And I predict here that a photo identity will, before long, be required to buy a long distance rail or bus ticket, to stay in a hotel, to use a credit card or to buy a TV set or mobile phone.

These precautions are useless against real money launderers, paedophiles, Fake IDs gangsters and terrorists, who laugh at them.

But they make people like Ms Smith look and feel as if they are doing something.

Worse, they fool the gullible into thinking they are safer from crime and terror. Believe me, even if you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve something to fear.

And so they plough on with their “ID” cards, never admitting that the real purpose of these breathing licences is to increase the Government’s power to meddle in our private lives.

Many of you have helped me in my campaign against this unBritish scheme. And we have, in fact, won a small victory.

Ms Smith has now put off plans to force us to be fingerprinted when we renew our passports, probably until 2012.

Originally, this was meant to have started by now, but thousands of people renewed their passports early to avoid being fingerprinted and to protest and this has plainly frightened the Home Office. We can still beat this grotesque plan.

Why do respectable, educated people have anything to do with the moronic cult of football, a celebration of cheating, shamming, spite, crudity and greed?

Intelligence and thought seem to shrivel within a mile of any soccer field.

How could a thinking human have wanted to show public sympathy for a convicted criminal whose victim had been left partially blind?

Well, exactly, filltrustid but Tim Cahill did just that. His later apology was couched in the worthless “I’m sorry if .” mode, which effectively blames the witnesses of this loathsome gesture for being upset by it.

As a society, we have no guts and we will not defend ourselves when attacked. That is the simple message from the official RAF ban on wearing uniform in Peterborough.

In any proper country, the people who jeered at the servicemen would be the ones hiding themselves in shame. But not here.

That’s why short of a political earthquake we’re done, gone and finished, and will cease to exist as a nation within a generation or two. It’s also why those who can are getting out.

Remember this old, hard truth. If you don’t respect your own Armed Forces, you will fairly soon find that you have to respect someone else’s.

I am glad to see the back of the blasphemy laws. They were no use at protecting the Christian religion and gave some Muslim countries an excuse to apply much fiercer pro Islam laws against Christians, as Christians in Pakistan have told me.

We cannot complain about Muslim attempts to censor criticism of Islam if we have such laws. My own suspicion is that those, especially self proclaimed “artists”, who seek to make money through sacrilege will come to be ashamed of themselves, sooner or later. Meanwhile, cold contempt will hurt them much more than prosecution.

Let’s have an architectural crimes tribunal at which leading modern architects are condemned to dwell in their own hideous, stupid structures. filltrustid

The really serious cases could be compelled to blow up their own monstrosities in front of jubilant crowds of former occupants.

Bar codes and magnetic stripes used on California driver’s licenses

Bar codes and magnetic stripes used on California driver’s licenses

High tech driver’s licenses and state issued identification cards for non drivers are part of an expanding technology that allows computers into more areas of everyday life.

Bar codes, long a feature on consumer items to make automated checkout possible, have found an even wider use in keeping track of industrial manufacturing processes. Now, buy fake ids bar codes and magnetic stripes on plastic identification cards are being used more and more to keep track of people as well as products and manufacturing materials.

Like bank credit cards, the California licenses feature holograms that make duplication difficult. Also, they have images of the driver and his signature that are digitized electronic images rather than photographs glued to the document. filltrustid

On the front of the card, the driver’s image appears on the left side if he is an adult and on the right side if he is a minor.

On the back, each plastic license has a magnetic stripe that carries three tracks of information. Track 2 containing the birth date of the license holder, buy fake ids driver’s license number and expiration date is compatible with similar information carried on the backs of credit cards.

Fingerprinting charge to double cost of ID card to

Fingerprinting charge to double cost of ID card to

Miss Smith told the Social Market Foundation there would be an estimated seven million applications a year for ID cards, creating a ‘market’ with 200million of contracts to be won.

Experts estimated this would allow firms to charge fees equivalent to around 30 a head. This would be on top of the 30 ID card fee already set by the Home Office.

Separate Home Office figures published yesterday showed that the expected cost of ID cards to the public purse over the next 10 years has risen from 4.5billion earlier this year to around 5.1billion.

Opposition critics greeted the figures with dismay, urging the Home Secretary to ‘stop kidding herself’ and abandon the troubled project.

In her speech yesterday Ms Smith also dramatically scaled down the Government’s plans to begin issuing ID cards for UK citizens from next autumn.

The Home Secretary announced in March this year that staff working in sensitive ‘air side’ roles at Britain’s airports would be the first to be issued with cards from the end of the 2009.

But she revealed that only London City and Manchester airports would take part in an 18 month ‘evaluation period’ accounting for only 20,000 of an estimated 250,000 air side staff across the country.

The Home Office has faced strong protests from airport operators and airlines over its plans in recent months.

As well as leaving most airports out of the pilot scheme ministers have now had to sweeten the pill by promising to issue all cards for airport staff free of charge during the trial costing the taxpayer an extra 600,000.

The pilot scheme looks set to delay the wider introduction of ID cards beyond the next General Election which Labour must call by May 2010 at the latest.

As the Conservatives are promising to scrap the ID card project immediately once in office, that means the slower than expected roll out could quietly consign the project to oblivion. Fake IDs

If Labour wins the next election and ID cards survive, ministers hope to encourage all young Britons to apply for a card from 2010, extending the scheme to all citizens the following year.

In her speech yesterday Ms Smith raised eyebrows by claiming that many ordinary British people are already pestering her because they are so desperate to receive their ID cards earlier.

She said: ‘As I go around the country I regularly have people coming up to me and saying they don’t want to wait that long.’

Mrs Smith pledged to set up a special register so that British adults who are impatient for an ID card can record their interest next year in the hope of being among the first to be issued with a card.

Shadow Home Secretary, Dominic Grieve, said: ‘We already know that ID cards will do nothing to improve our security but may make it worse.

‘Now we see that the already substantial cost is going to increase. This is particularly outrageous given the current economic crisis.

Liberal Democrat spokesman Chris Huhne condemned ID Cards as a ‘laminated poll tax’, and said: ‘Ministers are choosing a limited number of guinea pigs at two smaller airports because they know how unpopular ID cards are.’

Ministers’ original boasts that ID cards would help combat terrorism were dealt a blow when former MI5 boss Stella Rimington dismissed the claim.

A pamphlet released yesterday explaining the cards to the public focused on more mundane benefits, such as proving one’s age in a pub or applying for a mortgage.

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Murfreesboro PD ask for help identifying credit card skimming suspect

Murfreesboro PD ask for help identifying credit card skimming suspect

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Credit Card With Fingerprint Identification

Credit Card With Fingerprint Identification

Credit card technology is in a never ending race to stay ahead of criminals intent on racking up fraudulent charges on your account. The simple magnetic swipe that worked for many years is rapidly giving way to chip and PIN technology but even that technology has weak points. Point of sale transactions are beginning to accept alternate technologies to traditional credit cards, such as contactless payments using near field communication (Apple Pay, for example). Will the chip card become obsolete before it becomes dominant?Don count out card insertion technology just yet. MasterCard plans to introduce a variation of the chip carrying credit card that uses fingerprint identification to produce secure point of sale transactions. The card is currently in a trial phase in South Africa, but MasterCard intends to expand testing to Asian and European markets within a few months, targeting a worldwide rollout by the end of 2017.Here how it works: Your fingerprint pattern is encrypted and stored on the card EMV chip using a fingerprint reader embedded in the opposite end of the card. When you insert your card into a chip reader to initiate a transaction, you place your finger over the fingerprint reader portion of the card (which stays outside the merchant chip reader). The chip validates your identity by matching your fingerprint to the stored pattern, allowing the transaction to proceed. The change is simple for merchants, since those that already have a chip reader do not have to invest in a separate fingerprint reader.Theoretically, this biometric card improves security over chip and PIN because a thief may have managed to get your PIN as well as your card and a fingerprint card is certainly more secure than a chip card that requires only a signature. Fake IDs Fingerprint reading devices are not infallible, as they have been breached in several inventive ways on phones but thieves are not likely to take the effort to fool point of sale transactions this way. They are far more likely just to use your card for online transactions. Online transactions bypass the fingerprint process entirely, using other identifying information that may have already been stolen along with your card information (such as passwords and security questions).How can fraudulent online use be prevented? There is a relatively creative approach being tested in several French financial institutions. The “Motion Code” technology contains a simple display embedded in the card signature strip that changes the three digit security code each hour. Your breached credit card number would be useless to online thieves, since the rotating security code would be virtually impossible for any thief to guess.The downside of the Motion Code: a thief that has stolen your physical credit card can use it at will. It also remains to be seen whether the display will remain functional and readable over the life of a credit card, and since the display requires power, whether there will be any battery issues.In short, there is no 100% safe credit card technology. However, most theft takes place through simple means. If you engage in higher risk practices like using simple passwords, not protecting your PIN and identifying/personal information, Good Fake IDs and transmitting your information over unsecured wireless systems, your chances of credit card fraud are greatly increased.Take reasonable steps to protect your physical cards and all information associated with those cards, and take advantage of all protection services that your card issuer provides (such as fraud alerts and notifications of unusual account activity). Check your account activity regularly for any false charges, even small ones thieves may place them before launching a larger scale attack on your account, just to see if you are paying attention. Make it difficult to access and use your card information, and fraudsters are more likely to move on to less challenging targets.Check your credit report periodically to make sure that no fraudulent accounts have been opened in your name. You can check your credit report and your credit score for free within minutes using Credit Manager by MoneyTips.If new credit card and payment technology still makes you nervous, consider the words of Adam Carroll, Founder and Chief Education Officer of National Financial Educators, “Cash is still king, particularly for those that aren disciplined enough to keep their spending at a minimum.” Those funny green rectangles still work in most places, and exclusive use of them may prevent you from racking up excessive debt.If you want more credit, check out MoneyTips list of credit card offers. Best Fake ID websites If you would like to monitor your credit to prevent identity theft and see your credit reports and scores, check out our credit monitoring service.

Consul ID Card Decision Delayed

Consul ID Card Decision Delayed

At the request of the Mexican consul representing the Inland Empire, the Riverside City Council on Tuesday postponed a hearing on whether to recognize the Mexican identification cards known as matricula consular as proof of identity.

Consul Carlos I. Giralt Cabrales asked for the delay so he could meet with Riverside Police Department officials, who oppose the measure.

“I see it as a great benefit to both the city and the consulate’s office that I meet and confer with the city’s chief of police in order to discuss the many advantages the matricula consular will provide for Riverside,” Giralt Cabrales wrote in a letter to the City Council.

“It is imperative that all parties clearly understand the purposes of the matricula consular and take the proper steps in developing successful public policy,” Giralt Cabrales added.

Deputy Police Chief Andy Pytlak said Monday that the department opposed accepting the cards because of issues over reliability and security.

“It’s difficult to compel law enforcement to accept these cards that may not rise to the level of security that other cards may have,” Pytlak said, noting that the Mexican consulate doesn’t complete fingerprinting and background checks when issuing the cards.

Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach was on vacation this week, according to his office.

The City Council was scheduled Tuesday night to act upon a proposal to accept the cards as valid ID in Riverside. The cards would allow Mexican citizens living in Riverside to open bank accounts, get business licenses and “establish friendlier rapport with law enforcement, Scannable Fake IDs ” according to a report drafted by the mayor’s office.

Mayor Ronald Loveridge said the proposal would probably be back on the City Council’s agenda in four or five weeks.

The consul said he wants to assure the Police Department of security measures, such as a hologram, to prevent forgery.

Morever, Giralt Cabrales said in a phone interview that the “matricula is not intended to provide criminal background checks. It was not designed to fulfill that purpose.”

“I want to stress that the matricula consular is an ID,” he said.

Loveridge, along with Councilman Frank Schiavone, said they support the cards because they would help immigrants prove their identity.

“I just can’t imagine a plausible argument against identifying people in our country, especially in light of 9/11,” Schiavone said. “I would be more concerned with people who were reluctant to get the ID cards.”

The cards are issued by the consulate to Mexican citizens, buy fake ids whether or not they’re legally living in the United States. The consulate in San Bernardino expects to issue 38,000 cards in Riverside and San Bernardino counties this year, Giralt Cabrales said.

If approved, Riverside would have become the fifth city in the Inland Empire along with San Bernardino, Indio, Victorville and Cathedral City to recognize the cards. Many more police departments in Riverside and San Bernardino counties do the same because if immigrants have an ID they can be cited for minor traffic violations and released. Also, they might be more likely to report a crime.

Meanwhile, in Sacramento, state lawmakers are considering two bills that address the acceptance of the matricula consular and other foreign identification cards. Already, more than a dozen cities such as Los Angeles and Oxnard allow Mexican immigrants to use their country’s identification cards to conduct city business. Besides the Riverside Police Department, another opponent says the acceptance of these cards disregards federal immigration laws and allows illegal immigrants to live comfortably in the country. buy fake ids

Handbook Driver’s License and ID Card

Handbook Driver’s License and ID Card

This document will provide you with sufficient proof of identity throughout your stay in the United States. identification card, you will not have to carry your passport around with you all the time.

The State ID card is accepted at banks, stores, airports (for domestic flights only), Fake ID and other businesses where name and age identification is required. You do not need to pass a driving test, as you will for a driver’s license, to receive this identification card but it holds equal value. You can get a California ID from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

How to apply for the CA State ID:

Visit DCISS and make sure you have completed visa check in requirements and your SEVIS record has been activated. fake ids

Proof of California Residency: Two Documents that verify your local California address. Both documents must display the same California address. you must apply for a California Driver License. Please note that your home country’s valid driver’s license is acceptable for up to three months after you arrive in the US however not all officers are aware of that law and might issue you a ticket anyway. It is best to get a California license as soon as possible after you arrive to avoid any confusion or problems.

How to apply for the CA State ID:

Visit DCISS and make sure you have completed visa check in requirements and your SEVIS record has been activated. buy fake ids

Immigration reform and a national ID card 3 letters

Immigration reform and a national ID card 3 letters

Re: “Biometric ID card has merit,” April 25 editorial.

Your editorial in favor of the proposed national ID card flippantly brushed aside the most potent objections to the proposal. The ID card proposal is the epitome of ill conceived nanny state “logic,” a measure that, if implemented, would punish every citizen of our country for the illegal actions of a few foreigners. There is no guarantee that a “biometric Social Security card,” as it is now being called, would stop illegal immigration, or even significantly affect it. The proponents and opponents of this measure know this.

A national ID card is simply another means, this time a bipartisan one, of expanding state control over citizens’ lives. It does not deserve serious consideration.

This letter was published in the April 30 edition.

The Post is right on about biometric ID cards. The solution to illegal immigration is not border control. It is employment. With foolproof ID cards, we can, or should, clamp down on employers who hire illegals. In which case, why would illegals come, or stay, here?

This letter was published in the April 30 edition.

Your editorial only touches upon the primary issue with illegal immigration, that of securing the border with Mexico. Only about 600 700 miles of barriers have been completed along the border. Until the entire border is secured, there is no point in delving into other issues with respect to illegal immigration.

Securing the border will require building barriers along the entire border and supplying boots on the ground to monitor the barriers. The idiotic failed electronic system from Boeing was never a solution, but rather a half hearted attempt to circumvent real barriers and the associated personnel to go with them.

Real immigration reform starts with border control.

This letter was published in the April 30 edition.

this is ridiculous!!! and u wonder y we r in the situation were in! these politicians r full of crap!!!!! close the damned border and end the debate! mexico borders to the south do not allow Guatemalans in their country. go ask mexico there policy on their southern borders! freakin Hippocrates and liberals r just so ridiculous. i tell u what, lets just succeed all states to there own government and every state can be a lil country of its own. then libs can just have california and arizona and live with there decisions. see how long u like ur happy lil lib life, ,making all ur lib decisions. read the bill people. dont just spew ur views. read the bill. with ur own eyes. get it?????

I think it would help if the DEA actually concentrated on the Drug Cartels in Mexico rather than local growers in Colorado. I don think a card or a wall is the answer. This is a very complex issue. I was in Tucson recently visiting friends and can understand why some of them are concerned. The crime rate there a huge problem. I counted over 20 speed traps or whatever, on route 10 between Las Cruces and Tucson not to mention the 4 times I had to pass through a boarder patrol station. I did notice most of the boarder presence was in New Mexico. Thievery is huge in Tucson much like in Honolulu. One of my friends had her truck stolen in February, never saw it again. It took the police 3 hours to respond. On the other hand, I can see how Latinos are concerned over racial profiling with the Arizona legislation that just passed. There is also the little dilemma concerning the fact that Americans hire illegals. This is one of the many reasons that they are here. I would also be concerned that if we arrest them and send them back that our economy would falter even more In any case, there has got to be a better solution than racial profiling and even more restrictions on American Citizens such as a nation ID card.

As I read the responses to the letters and the letters themselves, I keep coming back to the same question. Best Fake ID websites The question is: why not put pressure on Mexico to develop their country on free market principles so that their people will stay there and work jobs provided by free enterprise? The second question I have is: why don we use the same stringent immigration laws here that they use there? May I ask one more question? here goes: will someone please explain WHY they are against tougher border enforcement, at any cost?

Immigration reform is attempting to solve a fundamental economic problem supply demand. The biometric social security card addresses the problem fairly. If every legitimate (ie. legal) worker posseses something that proves their legitimacy, and it includes a biometric that is secured by a chip inside so it can be stolen or altered like social security cards and other forms of identity documents are today, than you limit the demand for legitimate workers and reduce the supply of illegal immigrants who can no longer fake their way into being a legitimate worker. All of the arguments that the government is trying to control you and track you are just paranoia. Biometric social security cards are a good idea!

The problem to me is one of probabability of success.1) Physical barriers don really work. The Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall were notoriusly porous. That was with a short distance of a barrier and with East German guards (Berlin Wall) who took their job very seriously.2) The lure of high wages. Why doesn Mexico develop their economy? Mexico economy is the 11th largest in the world. Some of the industrial areas in the DF or Monterey or other areas are modern and very productive. I have friends who have developed software companies and done well, The problem is that it is just not enough. So men will put themselves at great risk, live outside the law, so that they can earn a few dollars to send home and keep their families from starving. The lure of El Norte is irresistible.3) Immigration and border control laws are for checkpoints. Since only a few illegal immigrants enter through established checkpoints they are moot.4) I don think people are against tougher border enforcement at any cost. I think there is considerable debate on how to do it. That is the problem.

So Bleeth according to your logic, illegal immigration is just dandy because it helps keep YOUR costs down?Here are some nasty facts you CHOOSE to ignore:Where illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from legal workers (citizens or not), the wage base goes down most for the low end wage earners, but it impacts the rest of us as well When low end wage earners have no jobs or no jobs that they can make ends meet on (paying for the necessities of life), need for assistance (public and private goes up) and some who are unable to find work opt to go into crime as well, increasing the need for jails/prisons. Should ICE or even police departments be ignoring that fact? Many legal members of the Hispanic community are as upset about illegal immigration and not because they want to overthrow the status quo they want it easier for their families to be able to join them LEGALLY in a timely fashion and know that those family members will be able to earn a piece of the American pie as well and they hate being lumped in with the illegals. Of course, those members of the Hispanic community have attempted to assimilate and although they may attempt maintain their heritage as those of us who emigrated here from other parts of the world have (or did you think Oktoberfest, St. Patrick Day and Chinese New Year were American celebrations just to name 3), while they may invite us to share that heritage, they don force it down our throats. For instance how long would the legal work force have to get their cards (and at what cost), how long would it take all businesses to reverify all their employees (and at what cost), and what do we do about the senior citizens who may not even have a valid drivers license, born at home in a small community where birth registrations were haphazard (that one was courtesy of the nuns in their 80s who had voted every year but were being denied the right to vote because they didn have state issued id), etc just a few that immediately popped into my head when I first saw the Post column. I don know what the answer to the issue is I just know that being concerned about getting rid of illegal immigrants because it might impact the economy when nobody has bothered to investigate the impact the benefits of getting legal workers fully employed at a living wage appalls me!

Where in my post did I ever mention Illegal immigration is just dandy or I believe it keeps MY costs down by keeping them here? I never said any of that. Perhaps you need to take a few breaths and reread my post. Judging by the tone and sarcasm of your letter you have your panties in a wad over illegals in general. I am simply making points offered from both sides as to the pros and cons of the situation.

Obviously you have never felt the sting of being profiled. I have, more than once, and I not even Latino or black for that matter. Just dark enough to cause a stir. Your problem is that you obviously have never put yourself in someone else shoes and looked at both sides of the issue. I hate to break the news to you but there isn just one group of immigrants that have chosen to not speak the language. My grandmother and her siblings still speak broken English and they been here since WW2. You also felt the need to sarcastically remind me that Oktoberfest, St. Patrick day and the Chinese New year are not American Holidays and how kind of these cultures not to force their celebrations down our throats. A little reactionary today aren we?

My mention of hiring illegals was just that. WE HIRE ILLEGALS TO WORK IN THIS COUNTRY, that is a fact. BTW I don support that. I made statements on these blogs concerning how the destruction of unions have slowly impoverished the middle class. The middle class has seen a decline in wages or at best stagnant wages since the Reagan years. I know my grandfather enjoyed a rather prosperous middle class lifestyle before all this happened. Just before he retired his factory was shut down by a mega corporation and he lost 30 years of pension and at 65 years of age was forced to look for another job.

Now flash forward to today where our debts have become a growth industry for Wall Street. Corporate greed dictates that one has to maximize profit regardless of who is hurt. American industry and jobs were relocated overseas where there are no unions and labor is cheap. This country profits mainly from production of drugs (legal and illegal), weapons for war, finance, agribusiness (PROFITABLE ONLY BECAUSE OF LOW COST IMMIGRANT LABOR) and of course the service industries that for the most part provide only minimum wage jobs. Then there is health care where much of the profit goes to a handful of upper level insurance executives. They work hand in hand with the food industry which feeds the masses cheap, buy fake ids unhealthy, processed food that causes obesity, diabetes and heart disease, which in turn feeds the health care industry. Quiet a nice racket, eh?

Now I know you aren going to like what I about to say but I really do feel empathy for people who have to leave their own country because they fear for their lives or can find work. I don think most immigrants, and I talking about our ancestors as well, would choose to leave their country of origin unless they felt they had absolutely no choice. My own family left Europe because of war and poverty. Might you try for just one second to understand why some (not all) of these people choose to cross a desert to enter this country knowing that their chances of survival are slim. Yes, I know this isn the only scenario but I can only imagine how desperate one has to be to even consider such a move. But as I mentioned in my previous post, it because we hire them. You may also ask yourself if YOU are willing to work as a laborer in a field, construction or perhaps a dishwasher if we all of a sudden send everyone back. Again, this is a question that we all need to ask ourselves because, like it or not, it would impact the economy.

My whole point to this rant is that the solution is not a simple one. We must look at the big picture before we get all a fluster and start creating legislation that could prove to be even more of a problem than then one we already have.

Paranoid people like John Osborn are perpetually afraid of SS toops coming out of the shadows and getting them for whatever reason while supporting legislation (Arizona SB1070) that takes away more of our personal freedoms. What an ID card has to do with a state is beyond comprehension, but if anyone thinks a biometric SS card will give the government more information than they already have, they fooling themselves. What exactly is it they afraid of? If you not breaking any law, you don have to worry if you are breaking a law, you should be caught. We need to mandate and improve and continue to improve E Verify so that combined with the new ID cards it will be virtually impossible for anyone in the country illegally to find employment. Severe employer sanctions need to be enforced. We need to update and improve the guest worker program. And we have to do everything in our power to help the rest of the to improve all phases of manufacturing, industry, and education. It pretty easy to understand that a person living in abject poverty with no hope for improvement will seek relief in the nearest possible location. We never defy human nature, but there are steps we can take to maintain order. I like a piece of that action personally guarantee that it will help.

Thanks for a reasoned and pithy response. Point 1 I understand and agree with somewhat. point 2, I been to Monterey twice and have seen more satellite dishes there than anywhere up here. So, why don those with the ability to succeed help the rest of their own country? I believe its because of corruption at all levels. Point 3, true immigrant come through check points. some of the illegals only want to work here and send money home. I used to fill out money orders at a store in MN for guest workers. Point 4, We wasted too much time passing a health care law that most of the country didn want, was too cumbersome, was passed without bipartisan support and through bribes and kick backs instead of passing several small bills and also spending time on the economy and immigration reform.

What do you mean by suspect? That precisely the point. If I a police officer and I don like the way you look, I can demand to see your papers look suspect to me. Note: no mention is made of race or appearance, simply I, as a police officer, don like the way you look. Now, suppose you forgot your briefcase in your car and it late in the evening and I don like the way you look. I demand your papers, you don have them on you; but, you protest, I left them in my house My house, right behind me. And the officer says, papers, please! You can produce them and it off to the stoneylonesome.

An unlikely scenario? Maybe, maybe not.

I see your point and I raise you one. As long as one realizes that its the and not the race, then I will concede. If you read my anecdote about my WHITE, drug running friend, you will see that appearance can be a reason for stopping someone. A scraggly, Fake ID long haired and bearded back woodsman looking man with a canoe crossing into America from Canada would be a good reason to arrest someone by appearance. Seeing a van over stuffed with people would also be a good reason to stop someone because of appearance. However, I not ready to state unequivocally that police will stop brown skinned citizens for no reason. Are you?

Again, no more relevance between your friend and his problems than before.

You just refuse to face the FACTS, sonny. The Arizona Statute IS centered around but, as has been pointed out even in Arizona, at the time of the signing ceremony IS NOT the Centuries old prescription of PROBABLE CAUSE.



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Do you support ID cards

Do you support ID cards

Should there be a national identity card system in the UK?

Tony Blair has promised to listen to concerns about plans to introduce a national ID card scheme after seeing his Commons majority slashed.

At prime minister’s questions, Mr Blair urged critics to recognise that secure ID cards could help tackle crime, terrorism and illegal immigration in the UK.

However, former minister John Denham told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he expects the government will have to make major changes to get the bill through.

Do you agree with the government’s ID card proposals? What do you think about the cost?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

A stealth tax on the law abiding! ID cards will present no major threat to international terrorists or organised crime, as fakes and forgeries will appear within weeks of the first cards being issued. Sorry, the theory is good, but it won’t work in the real world. And the only losers will be the law abiding public. Yet again!

Kevin, Tetbury, Glos

I give 100% support to ID cards as it would cut down on crime and illegal immigration. Also all the information will be on a single card which will be better for everyone.

Martin Williams, Fake IDs S Wales

If there’re going to be compulsory, then it’s paid through general taxation, not individual’s pockets. And if we don’t have to carry them what’s the point?This will be labours poll tax. I will not be forced into paying for one of these cards.

Neil, Wrexham, Wales

It would be useful to have an ID card. I will use it to scrape the frost off my windscreen in the winter. When I think of any other useful purpose for an ID card, I will be back in contact!

Rod Watson, Winchester, Hants

Why will the cost so much they are just a bit of plastic with some data on and will be manufactured by the million. Three pounds would be too much.

Bill Carney, North Lincs

I grew up under apartheid in South Africa. In the mid sixties, the apartheid regime instituted ID cards for whites, myself included. The British will realise, as we did, that within months, Scannable Fake IDs Big Brother has arrived and will stay! Anything the government can do, in this technological age, is easily replicated by many, many others with the will and the drive. Resist ID cards with everything you have or kiss Freedom goodbye, as we did in South Africa.

Jack Bybee, Tucson, AZ. USA

I fully support the introduction of identity cards. I have nothing to hide. As for the cost, the government should subsidise it and offset the cost against a reduction in benefit fraud and crime.

Al, London

I can’t really see the benefits outweighing the cost to implement the scheme, so why don’t we spend the significant sum of money on improving security and the quality of life for those living in the UK. If security is so high on the agenda, why have the government purged numbers from the armed services when we all admit they are required? There’s a lot more happening than meets the eye and I would love to know what this agenda actually is.

Mackay, Witney, UK

Why should the individual be made to pay for compulsory ID cards? Driving licences and passports are only necessary if you want to drive or travel abroad. filltrustid Having an ID card will be compulsory for existence in this country to pay for that would be just another poll tax.

Anyone want to bet on how long it will take between the first ID card being issued and a reporter from The Sun managing to get a low paid data entry clerk to assist them in producing a fake?.

Identifying Fake SD Cards and USB Sticks

Identifying Fake SD Cards and USB Sticks

Edited Step 4 and added info about my mishap with a 64GB card

To get a good understanding I do recommend to read all steps, all tools used throughout this Instructable can be found as a download link towards the end.

It does not matter if you have a USB stick or SD card, the only difference is the connection type and the way it is addressed, in most cases you can find the same memory chips in both types.

Like a hard drive each flash memory not only contains a memory chip but also a controller to transfer the data.

Some areas of the memory can’t be accessed with normal tools as they contain the actual info on the addressing and type of memory.

This is one reason why a 16GB chip never can take the full 16GB, usually between 14.5 and 15.8GB.

So you have the controller taking your data and shifting it onto the actual memory chips. Scannable Fake ID

Here is also the point where all the fakes fool you. Memory chips are addressed in blocks.

See it as a tower with the controller at the bottom and the memory blocks on top of it.

When you start writing to it the first block is being filled, once full the second is being filled and so on.

You see it does not really what file system is used as the controller “translates” it fit for the memory type used.

Ok, I realise I am starting to sound boring here, so skip the technical crap and we move on to the next part.

A format should only be performed when really necessary, in all other case please take the time, select the files and just delete them. Fake ID

A format the wrong way can make the memory slow or in rare cases render it useless.

Never try to multitask and start multiple copy actions onto the same device at the same time!

Not only will the data end up fragmented but the controller has to work overtime and this slows the copy process down.

If you have to copy multiple times it will be faster to do it one at a time compared to several simulatnious copy sessions.

Never just unplug a SD card or USB stick! Always make sure to use the save removal options of your OS.

In Windows you can do a right click on the drive letter and select “Eject” wait for the completion massage or the drive to disappear before unplugging.

On Android you go into the storage setting to safely unmout a stick or SD.

For the Mac I have not clue but am sure there is a similar option, so please use it.

Step 3: FormattingIf you encounter serious problems with your stick / SD don’t try to format it, check the other steps on how to check the device and spot a fake. Scannable Fake IDs

If you are on old geek like me you might still remember those day where we were proud owner of 20mb hard drives.

Canadian Fake ID Template

Canadian Fake ID Template

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ID cards coming for transport workers

ID cards coming for transport workers

The goal is to achieve a system that verifies identity, validates background information, assists transportation facilities in managing their security risks, and accounts for personnel access to transportation facilities.The proposed card would utilize card technology, and some sort of biometric identifier, such as a fingerprint, retina scan or other reliable physical characteristic that can verify identity. This redundancy concern suggests the card may also serve as a commercial driver licence. measure, the implications for Canadian transportation workers are unclear. The proposed transportation worker ID card is just one more variation of a theme playing out for some time, even before the attacks of Sept. 11.Some of the prior variations have also related to domestic concerns. buy fake ids If all 50 states met minimum standards for security and reliability, the government could use the drivers licensing systems for proof of identity and eligibility for federal benefits. Immigration purposes. border. and Canadian interest groups, this plan was dropped.However, since at least one of the suspected Sept. from Canada, the possibility is being revisited. There are two main reasons why the issue of national security cards fails to make progress.The first is that there are so many issues involved, no one can decide how to implement the system properly.As noted above, there are both domestic and external issues involved, filltrustid including state and federal governments, which at times do not have the same goals and objectives.A related issue is the scope of the project.Such a vast undertaking requires significant resources, and there appears to be a fear of creating a flawed system, or failing to think through all the issues and problems.So, in typical government fashion, there is a lot of talk, a lot of study, but little action.This is a significant concern, and many citizens are not willing to accept the need for a card providing too much power and information to the government, especially if it has a high cost to civil liberties and a low reward for combating terrorism.Furthermore, scannable ids the use of biometric identifiers has never been used on such a wide scale, and the reliability and credibility of the system would be in doubt.

ID card info was fed to Customs

ID card info was fed to Customs

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) The Vermont motor vehicle department gave federal officials information on immigrants living in the country illegally, documents show, giving life to longstanding fears that programs providing such immigrants with documentation could be used against them.

Copies of emails requested and recently obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union show that investigators with the state Department of Motor Vehicles coordinated with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials last year to identify noncitizens.

Many of the emails show department investigators sent information to ICE on migrants they suspect gave false information on their applications for driver identification cards. The state card program was created in 2013 to provide immigrants living in the country illegally with a way to drive.

The ACLU asked for the records to ensure the motor vehicle department was complying with a settlement agreement reached last year in a discrimination case brought by a Jordanian man. The man had applied for a driver ID card, and state officials forwarded his information to federal immigration officials, who started deportation proceedings. He was briefly jailed and released after posting bail; he was ultimately not deported.

The department was ordered to pay $40,000 to the man and follow a Vermont policy that prohibits state officials from carrying out federal immigration policy.

wanted to see if the DMV was honoring that agreement, said ACLU attorney Jay Diaz. these emails show that they were not. Seven Days newspaper first reported about the documents, which span from November 2015 to November 2016.

It unclear exactly how many immigrants were the subjects of communication, but a motor vehicle official said at a legislative hearing Tuesday that one investigator in southern Vermont had nearly 300 cases last year. It is also unclear whether anyone has been deported because of the communication.

Such cooperation between state officials and federal deportation agents has long been a fear of immigrants in the country illegally who apply for identification cards in places that allow for them.

The development is especially surprising in Vermont, a politically liberal state where even the Republican governor, Phil Scott, has acted intensively on behalf of immigrants. Scott last month enthusiastically signed a law that some critics said came close to making Vermont a state, limiting the work police can do on behalf of the federal government.

He called it a response to federal overreach on immigration by the administration of President Donald Trump, Best Fake ID websites a member of his own party.

In New York City, officials are considering destroying the information of people who apply for municipal ID cards out of fear their information will end up with federal immigration officials.

ICE spokesman Shaun Neudauer did not respond to requests for comment.

About 50,000 people in Vermont have driver ID cards, said motor vehicle Commissioner Robert Ide. The department is still training staff members on how to carry out the policy that prohibits state officials from carrying out immigration policy, Ide said.

Scott said at a news conference Thursday that he would the situation but did not condemn the motor vehicle department.

The Senate Committee on Government Operations held a hearing on the matter Tuesday.

comes in, applies, and a DMV employee takes it upon themselves to share that information, forward it to the feds. So walk me through, in a detailed way, is that practice still happening? Sen. Chris Pearson, a member of the state Progressive Party, asked of motor vehicle Deputy Commissioner Jake Elovirta.

DMV officials don forward information to federal officials unless it part of a criminal investigation, Elovirta replied.

Enrique Balcazar, a Mexican immigrant living in Vermont illegally, said he has had a driver ID card since 2014. After reading the emails, he said through an interpreter that he wouldn be likely to apply if he had the choice now.

really sad the way that this law has been implemented, said Balcazar, who was one of three immigrant activists in the state recently arrested by federal agents on immigration charges. Best Fake IDs His activist group, Migrant Justice, has said it believes his arrest was the result of his high profile, not communication between ICE and the Department of Motor Vehicles. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Chair of Vermont state Senate Committee on Government Operations Sen. Jeanette White asks questions of Department of Motor Vehicles officials during a hearing on Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Montpelier, Vt. Newly released emails show DMV investigators were sending personal information on people who they believe fraudulently applied for driver identification cards, often used by people in the country illegally, to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. (AP Photo/Cory Dawson)Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Robert Ide and DMV enforcement director William Elovirta testify before the state Senate Government Operations Committee on Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Montpelier, Vt. Newly released emails show DMV investigators were sending personal information on people who they believe fraudulently applied for driver identification cards, often used by people in the country illegally, to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. (AP Photo/Cory Dawson)Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Robert Ide testifies before the state Senate Government Operations Committee on Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Montpelier, Vt. Newly released emails show DMV investigators were sending personal information on people who they believe fraudulently applied for driver identification cards, often used by people in the country illegally, to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. filltrustid (AP Photo/Cory Dawson).

How to Obtain a Veterans ID Card

How to Obtain a Veterans ID Card

Find the location of a VA medical facility near you to apply for a VIC by calling VA Health Care at 877 222 8387 or visiting the VA Locations website listed in Resources section below.

Go to a VA medical center to have your picture taken by a staff member. You may have your picture taken the day you apply for VA medical benefits. If you have already been approved for VA medical benefits, Good Fake IDs you will still need to visit a VA medical facility to have your picture taken. For verification, bring your DD214, Certificate of Discharge and photo identification, Best Fake IDs such as military ID, passport or driver’s license. If you have special eligibility status, such as being a former Prisoner of War or having received the Purple Heart, buy fake ids bring any documents that show proof of the special eligibility.

Call the VA at 877 222 8387 or visit the VA medical center where you had your picture taken if you have not received the VIC after seven to 10 days or if the VIC becomes lost or stolen after you have received it.



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Abortion Practitioner Partially Negligent in Abortion on Teen With Fake ID

Abortion Practitioner Partially Negligent in Abortion on Teen With Fake ID

In a case that has attracted national attention, the Harris County jury failed to award Cherise Mosley Hughes the monetary award she sought for the pain caused by the abortion. Hughes and her father, a Pentecostal minister, had testified that the abortion would never have been performed if her father had been notified.Under Texas law, abortion facilities must notify parents 48 hours before an abortion is performed on a teenage girl.Earlier this week, Hughes cried as she recounted the emotional pain she has suffered as a result of the death of her unborn child. Her attorney noted that the Aaron Family Planning Clinic and abortionist Douglas Karpen also put her at risk for a host of physical complications that frequently result from induced abortions.Hughes and her father did not seek criminal charges against Karpen or try to get his medical license revoked.Karpen has been performing abortions for nearly three decades. Earlier this week, Karpen testified that he believed that the ID Hughes presented at the time of the abortion was valid.”I sorry the patient did not tell us the truth, buy fake ids ” Karpen said. “If the truth had been told we wouldn be about this now.”In response to the decision, the Houston Coalition for Life said in a written statement, “The Houston abortionist that accepted a supermarket ID from a minor in order to perform an abortion was found negligent. However, the young lady who now carries an emotional scar from that abortion was awarded no compensation for her injuries.”However, pro life observers note that the abortion industry frequently conceals the truth about both the short term and long term risks of abortion, along with information about the development of the unborn child. For instance, research shows that women are less likely to follow through with an abortion if they are able to see ultrasound images of the babies they are carrying. Yet, the abortion lobby routinely dismisses the import of ultrasound imaging.The groundbreaking lawsuit could help force abortionists to take greater care in verifying the identification of women seeking abortions. filltrustid Jared Woodfill, the lawyer who represented Hughes and her family, has said he believes that abortionists will ask for governmental documentation of identification as a result of the verdict.Hughes was 17 when Karpen performed an abortion on her illegally. She has since married the father of the child and given birth to two more children.The jury found Hughes 90 percent to blame for the incident, while placing only 10 percent of the blame on the abortionist.Yet, while the verdict was mixed, Hughes does believe her case has helped shed light on the unscrupulous practice of performing abortions on teenagers without their parents knowledge.Hughes told KPRC TV that “The mistake that I made, I feel like I have turned it around and have helped many others keep their kids. So, my child, in turn, best fake id helped save a lot of other lives.”

Cuomo offers instruction on how to spot a fake NYS ID

Cuomo offers instruction on how to spot a fake NYS ID

More than half of the cards currently in circulation are the more secure, redesigned version, but the old style remains valid until the expiration date is reached. The new security features, which are among the most advanced in the nation, are highly resistant to tampering and are designed to prevent identity theft.

Motor vehicle investigators work closely with local police, New York State Police and sheriff’s departments across the state in underage drinking enforcement, targeting facilities that are identified as the “last drink location” for individuals who are under 21 and arrested for DWI, including concert venues and bars across New York. Those under 21 are given a vertical ID card, making it easier for bar owners and those who check IDs to identify who is underage.

This guy Cuomo is just too cute. What really sad is that age is not drinking age (any more). Voting age is not drinking age. Killing age (i. e. armed forces service) is not drinking age. buy fake ids Try, try and try again one cannot legislate morality. It also awfully hard to talk about it. Seems, though, that every generation is guilty of trying to do it. Just a sip is illegal doesn have to be a binge. And it doesn have to be on a college campus or in a college bar, either. best fake id

AG’s office makes several arrests in fake ID

AG’s office makes several arrests in fake ID

“It’s not that Natalie Portman misses out on a little bit of a royalty. The distribution company loses out. The employees lose out. The trucking company that brings (DVDs) to Utah loses out. The Walmart that sells the DVDs loses out. And most importantly, we all lose out because of tax revenue,” Wallentine said. “There’s a huge profit.”With money to be made in these criminal enterprises, established street gangs known in the past for violence, drug and weapons trafficking are getting in on the action.The string of busts began with Coronado on Feb. 24. Investigators said he was running an extremely lucrative DVD and CD pirating business out of his home in Magna. He was so brazen about his operation that he had a sign in full view placed in his car vehicle, written in Spanish, advertising his business, Wallentine said.After obtaining a search warrant, investigators found a high quality replicating machine for burning CDs and DVDs, as well as meth which Coronado told agents he only used on weekends to help him come up with “creative ideas” to make money, according to Wallentine.Pirating DVDs and CDs is a “very significantly impacting economic crime,” he said. In Los Angeles, illegal DVDs and CDs cost the city an estimated $2 billion a year, he said.Salt Lake, Kearns pirating and fake ID operation bustedThe arrests continued Tuesday night when four people, who had ties to an established street gang in Utah, were arrested in a separate operation for allegedly delivering fake IDs to illegal immigrants.”It’s the first time we’ve seen a violent street gang in this business,” Wallentine said, adding that he believes it’s something law enforcers will start seeing more of.”The gang bangers are saying, ‘Why should someone else be making money off this? We already have distribution guys for drugs and weapons. We should be setting up for fake IDs.'”Franco E. Torres Yanez, 25, was arrested for investigation of racketeering and forgery. He also had six outstanding warrants. Investigators say Yanez is an illegal immigrant from Argentina.Julio Escutia Rojas, 21, David Herrera Gomez, 56, and Escutia (no other name given), 20, all from Mexico, were arrested for investigation of a variety of charges including possession of drug paraphernalia, giving false information to police, concealed weapons violations and forgery. Rojas and Gomez also face aggravated re entry into the United States charges.”These are genuine hardcore bad guys,” Wallentine said.The alleged mastermind behind the operation, according to law enforcers, was Victor Zarco Hernandez, 22. Investigators say he invested in high end laptops, downloaded the right software, and was allegedly making a lot of money for producing fake IDs and documents.Hernandez was unique for a couple of reasons, Wallentine said. He had allegedly set up a network of “runners” who would drive to several parts of the state, collect a picture and money from the person wanting the fake documents, and then deliver the fake IDs once they were completed.When officers searched Hernandez’s house, they said they found about 100 completed orders ready for distribution and another list of 100 names on a waiting list. Each order cost $300 and included a fake Social Security card, a fake Mexican Consular ID and a fake driver’s license. Some of the licenses were from states other than Utah, said Wallentine. What also made Hernandez’s operation unique was that he was allegedly printing fake trade licenses, something Wallentine’s office had never seen.”Now you can use a fake ID to get a higher paying job,” he said.That’s a problem that affects all Utah residents, not just a certain population, Wallentine said.”Do you want your house wired by a guy who has (an electrician’s license) who says he’s licensed when in fact you don’t know if he has any clue when he pulls wires through your house?”It’s a problem that has the potential to spread beyond the illegal immigrant community, he said.Computers, printers, a laminating machine and high quality blank printing stock were seized along with Mexican consular ID cards, driver licenses from Utah and other states, Social Security cards, electrician licenses and two guns.Hernandez, 22, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of numerous felony charges, including racketeering. Judging from his house, vehicle and the number of orders he was allegedly processing, investigators believe he was running an extremely lucrative business.Investigators say Hernandez was previously arrested four times for attempted entry into the United States but was stopped at the border each time. He has not been deported before.Caesar Hernandez Barajas, 36, and Juan Ramon Garcia Negrete, 20, were arrested Wednesday night in Provo in connection with the Layton operation. Both undocumented residents were booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of forgery of government documents.While the SECURE Strike Force was formed to specifically target crimes committed by illegal immigrants, Wallentine noted that it was illegal immigrants not involved in criminal activity who bring these cases to their attention.”How do you think we find out about (these people who were arrested)? It’s undocumented people scared in their community and scared for the children in their community,” he said. “There’s a tremendous network of people who are just like you and me who are concerned about the crime down the street. If it were not for the tremendous cooperation from the undocumented community, buy fake ids we wouldn’t know who is committing these crimes.”

Good Or Quality?

I find it very difficult starting a task and resuming at a later date. It’s either start and finish, or Nothing! Lol.. This is because if I postpone something, chances are that I may never resume, or the task may become more laborious by the time I do!So, what about the quality of the task? Was it done with effort, or was it haphazard? Through effort, we can get the real value of our work. Effort is whatever an individual puts into a task to complete & succeed to achieve the goal.I remember when I was very little, raking my entire yard when there was not a single leaf on the ground!:) This is a good example of quality!I simply did it on my own, without being asked, under no obligation. I did a whole lot of work for nothing! Granted, it was to serve no purpose, but I really believed that I was doing a good deed to the best of my child ability.If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way! 😉Doing your very best in every task…. not because you feel obligated, but because it makes you happy to perform quality effort and work!This is what I call keeping your priorities ‘organized’!I’d like to quote “John Wesley” in his inspirational message: “Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.”I thought that this was another good example of “quality” work! Doing your very best, in all honesty, to the Glory of God.I will conclude this blog by adding: “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.” Ecc. 9:10 (KJV)

Prioritize And Organize

I have spoke to many people over the years that say they wish they were more organized, but there’s just not enough time in there busy schedule. In my mind, it’s not an option… staying neat and organized is my #1 priority. It shouldn’t depend on whether or not you have the time, or how busy you are… a little here, and a little there, is all it takes! Make time!! If I start to fall behind on my daily tasks, I start to feel a bit overwhelmed… and that’s just unnecessary stress added to an already-stressful life! 🙂 Our goal is to minimize stress, right? 

Staying organized has been a passion of mine since childhood. I remember when I was very young, my sister and I shared a room growing up, and we were total opposites! I often asked her to clean her area of the room, but she would refuse. So one day, we made a divide down the middle of our room with tape, and we both agreed not to trespass onto each other’s side! Lol  

Keeping the house clean, and orderly doesn’t need to be a burden when you break it up into small tasks every day! If your a little busier some days then others, instead of vacuuming the entire house… vacuum an area of the house, instead! Dusting is my all-time least favorite chore, but, it’s not so bad when you do one area at a time! If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands then usual, or if your just feeling froggy, throw in a load of laundry and scrub a toilette or two!

Staying clean and organized actually makes life easier, makes you feel good, and you never know when you might get that unexpected visitor at the door… it’s always nice to be prepared! Furthermore, it will make for a better work day knowing you’re coming home to a nice, clean, house! Make life easier for yourself! Prioritize and organize! 😉  

Crazy For Casseroles

When evening rolls around, I am tired, ready to wind-down and ready to relax. So, my goal is to spend as least amount of time in the kitchen, as possible. I often find myself looking for the easiest, quickest and less-mess meals to prepare… like casseroles! They are definitely my #1 go-to meal!! It takes me half the time to make a taco casserole then it would tacos. No need to fry up any tortilla shells, when you can just throw in some tortilla chips! 🙂 Lasagna, being one of my favorite meals, is also one of my least favorites to prepare….until I discovered lasagna casserole! It’s much easier to make and tastes just as good! If you really want to get lucky, there are no-boil pasta recipes. Talk about easy!! Another classic favorite of mine is chicken noodle soup… but chicken noodle casserole is just as good and takes much less time to make. Enchilada casserole is also a much easier alternative to enchiladas. Some of my other various faves are pizza casserole, tator tot casserole, sloppy joe casserole & burrito w/ rice! YUM!! There are no rules to casseroles… you can get creative and have fun with them! They are the ultimate comfort food and always satisfying! You don’t have to slave for hours over a hot stove, for dinner to be delicious…. but your family might think you did! 😉 You can double the recipe and have plenty of leftovers for the next day, which will taste just as good! Dinnertime doesn’t need to be a burden. Make it fun! Make a casserole!


The Schedule

Trying to keep a house clean with seven children is nearly impossible and is a full-time job in itself. In addition to babies, baths, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, bills, breakfast, lunch & dinner.. one may consider hiring a maid to do all the cleaning. But as for me, it is not an option! I prefer to do it my way, and knowing that it has been done thoroughly. Besides, there’s no need to make someone else rich off something I can do myself.  So, the secret to keeping my house clean and orderly, on a daily basis, is by sticking to a schedule! If I don’t stay on top of one thing or another, I will quickly fall behind on everything! Planning dinners beforehand, doing at least one load of laundry per day, and wiping down the bathroom countertops and toilets, are just a few of my daily duties. Paying the bills as they come, buying my groceries in bulk, and preparing lunches the night before, are always helpful if I am to stay on course. Further, washing the dishes after every meal and vacuuming an area of the house everyday, makes life all the more easy. I do not hesitate in insisting that every member of the family do their part in sharing the load. My husband helps with meals, baths, dishes, and much more. Though, most is voluntary on his part, and is done on the weekends. As for the kids.. if they are old enough to make a mess.. they are old enough to clean it up! So, they are taught to clean up after themselves, keeping their rooms vacuumed and tidy. They are also to help with the laundry, dishes, trash and some childcare. Though, they are of some help to me, I do bear the brunt of the load. The tasks that they fulfill are meant only to build their character. Anyways, applying some of these routines to your daily life may be helpful to the everyday mom and/or housewife. Ultimately, a strict schedule is key to running a home properly and responsibly.. it will payoff !~ 

Blush Brush Organizer W/Pearls

Your blush brushes will look so much better in this darling acrylic blush brush organizer that can also hold lipstick & lip gloss! It’s made of a high quality acrylic and features a hinged lid to keep the dust out! This stylish little organizer also features 2 divided brush holder compartments with 3 extra drawer compartments for other cosmetics. Included is a box of pearls that come in pink, purple, blue, white, and cream. These pretty little pearls are not only stylish, but they keep your brushes in place! You can order this 2 divided brush blush holder/organizer with pearls for only $28.99!! There is also a single compartment brush holder for those that do not need as much space for only, $16.99!! So take advantage of this great offer… it will make the perfect gift! Oh, and don’t forget to stay organized with!

My Poem~

‘Tis The Season

There’s something about this time of year, that brings back old memories and good season cheer

‘Tis the season for family and friends, sharing laughter, stories and trends

‘Tis the time for nestling close to a fire, while roasting marshmallows in your best holiday attire

As the aroma of pumpkin spice and creme brulee fill the air, time to propose a toast of good tidings to share

Bring on the games, the eggnog and pie… ending the night with a movie that makes everyone cry~


Warm Greetings

Hey guys! I’m so glad you found me! Welcome to my website! If your looking for a gift for that special lady in your life… you’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s for your daughter or your grandma, these organizers will please women of all ages! So, feel free to browse and leave me a review. I’d love to hear from you! Oh, and don’t forget to “like us” on facebook! Enjoy~

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Time Is Everything

Ladies? Do you ever get tired of digging for your makeup? Or, do you find yourself using only a small amount of what you actually, have? What about your jewelry? Isn’t it frustrating finding one earring, and not the other? Or, what about those tangled up necklace chains? What a hassle and waste of precious time, right? These organizers are the perfect solution! Because they are clear, have fitted spots and compartments, this makes for easier access to your daily go-to’s! The more our lives are organized, the more time we gain for important events. Therefore, these organizers will take you from messy and cluttery to neat and orderly! From ho-hum to wow!! And, to add more sparkle to the shine, the prices are right!

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My name is Farrah, and I have a real passion for staying organized! Being a wife and mother of seven, it is essential if I am to keep a steady routine. I can think clearer and keep a better focus. It helps to keep track of my things, and well, it looks good, right? So I’d like to present to you three items that will be available on my website. The first is a beautiful ice-blue, two-piece acrylic cosmetic organizer. It also comes in pink, purple, gray, light brown & clear! There’s a top rack with multiple compartments. It holds a generous amount of makeup and there are fitted spots for 12 lipsticks! It also features 3 drawers and is the perfect size for a countertop/dresser etc. The second item is the nail polish organizer which smoothly rotates for easy access and will hold most, if not all, your nail polish, with plenty of room for other cosmetics! The third item is the little black hanging dress jewelry organizer. This is so cute and convenient! It’s just what we ladies (and girls) have been needing! The organizer features 33 clear plastic pockets on the front and 17 hook and loop closures on the back, for necklaces/bracelets. It also comes with a metal hanger which rotates 360 degrees for easy access and can be hung anywhere you choose! All three organizers are unique in that you can actually see what your looking for. No more digging! No more clutter! These organizers will make the perfect gift for the holidays, and all year through! Whether it be for your wife, mother, daughter, or grandma, women of all ages are sure to love these! They are super pretty, and they make the area they’re in more attractive and stylish! So, Always remember to stay organized, with! Staying organized in style!