lost my Portuguese ID card and passport

lost my Portuguese ID card and passport

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My russian girlfriend wants to come and live with me in england what is the procedure re passport visa medical and how much does it cost and how long to get it sorted

Lost Portuguese Passport. [ 0 Answers ]

My Grandma had made her Portuguese passport in the year 1960, she remembers the month but doesn’t excatly remembers the day, buy fake ids something between 15 25, so somewhere around

15 25 of Dec.1960 was the day she made her Portuguese passport. But she has all her details like Birth Certificate, filltrustid Marriage.

Lost portuguese passport [ 1 Answers ]I am of goan origin and my father is also a goan. My father has applied for the portuguese passport as he is entittled for it, the process is very very slow and time is running out for me and my brother. buy fake ids As per my fathers memory, during portuguese time he had his portuguese passport but he did.

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