How to Obtain a Veterans ID Card

How to Obtain a Veterans ID Card

Find the location of a VA medical facility near you to apply for a VIC by calling VA Health Care at 877 222 8387 or visiting the VA Locations website listed in Resources section below.

Go to a VA medical center to have your picture taken by a staff member. You may have your picture taken the day you apply for VA medical benefits. If you have already been approved for VA medical benefits, Good Fake IDs you will still need to visit a VA medical facility to have your picture taken. For verification, bring your DD214, Certificate of Discharge and photo identification, Best Fake IDs such as military ID, passport or driver’s license. If you have special eligibility status, such as being a former Prisoner of War or having received the Purple Heart, buy fake ids bring any documents that show proof of the special eligibility.

Call the VA at 877 222 8387 or visit the VA medical center where you had your picture taken if you have not received the VIC after seven to 10 days or if the VIC becomes lost or stolen after you have received it.

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