Fake ID cards fuel teenage booze binge From The Northern Echo

Fake ID cards fuel teenage booze binge From The Northern Echo

Trading standards officers from North Yorkshire County Council say they have noticed an upsurge in the number of fake identification cards being used and believe the growing trade in the cards is

undermining attempts to deal with underage drinking.

They are now working with licence holders on an operation to expose youngsters using the fake identification to buy alcohol.

Officers will be visiting off licences and other outlets to show retailers what the cards look like, and to emphasise the need to train staff about which forms of identification areThey will also be promoting the Challenge 21 strategy, under which anyone who looks younger 21 is asked to provide proof of their date of birth.

The scheme is already used by a number of supermarkets. Fake ID

Yesterday, county councillor Helen Swiers, executive member for trading standards and regulatory services, issued a warning about the dangers of underage drinking.

“These cards are frighteningly realistic and children as young as 14 are using them to buy alcohol,” she said. scannable ids

“If young people start drinking heavily, they are likely to face a future of disease, including liver problems, cancer and mental health problems.

“In addition, drinking to excess can lead young people to commit crimes or become victims themselves. Good Fake IDs

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