Do you support ID cards

Do you support ID cards

Should there be a national identity card system in the UK?

Tony Blair has promised to listen to concerns about plans to introduce a national ID card scheme after seeing his Commons majority slashed.

At prime minister’s questions, Mr Blair urged critics to recognise that secure ID cards could help tackle crime, terrorism and illegal immigration in the UK.

However, former minister John Denham told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he expects the government will have to make major changes to get the bill through.

Do you agree with the government’s ID card proposals? What do you think about the cost?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

A stealth tax on the law abiding! ID cards will present no major threat to international terrorists or organised crime, as fakes and forgeries will appear within weeks of the first cards being issued. Sorry, the theory is good, but it won’t work in the real world. And the only losers will be the law abiding public. Yet again!

Kevin, Tetbury, Glos

I give 100% support to ID cards as it would cut down on crime and illegal immigration. Also all the information will be on a single card which will be better for everyone.

Martin Williams, Fake IDs S Wales

If there’re going to be compulsory, then it’s paid through general taxation, not individual’s pockets. And if we don’t have to carry them what’s the point?This will be labours poll tax. I will not be forced into paying for one of these cards.

Neil, Wrexham, Wales

It would be useful to have an ID card. I will use it to scrape the frost off my windscreen in the winter. When I think of any other useful purpose for an ID card, I will be back in contact!

Rod Watson, Winchester, Hants

Why will the cost so much they are just a bit of plastic with some data on and will be manufactured by the million. Three pounds would be too much.

Bill Carney, North Lincs

I grew up under apartheid in South Africa. In the mid sixties, the apartheid regime instituted ID cards for whites, myself included. The British will realise, as we did, that within months, Scannable Fake IDs Big Brother has arrived and will stay! Anything the government can do, in this technological age, is easily replicated by many, many others with the will and the drive. Resist ID cards with everything you have or kiss Freedom goodbye, as we did in South Africa.

Jack Bybee, Tucson, AZ. USA

I fully support the introduction of identity cards. I have nothing to hide. As for the cost, the government should subsidise it and offset the cost against a reduction in benefit fraud and crime.

Al, London

I can’t really see the benefits outweighing the cost to implement the scheme, so why don’t we spend the significant sum of money on improving security and the quality of life for those living in the UK. If security is so high on the agenda, why have the government purged numbers from the armed services when we all admit they are required? There’s a lot more happening than meets the eye and I would love to know what this agenda actually is.

Mackay, Witney, UK

Why should the individual be made to pay for compulsory ID cards? Driving licences and passports are only necessary if you want to drive or travel abroad. filltrustid Having an ID card will be compulsory for existence in this country to pay for that would be just another poll tax.

Anyone want to bet on how long it will take between the first ID card being issued and a reporter from The Sun managing to get a low paid data entry clerk to assist them in producing a fake?.

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