Cuomo offers instruction on how to spot a fake NYS ID

Cuomo offers instruction on how to spot a fake NYS ID

More than half of the cards currently in circulation are the more secure, redesigned version, but the old style remains valid until the expiration date is reached. The new security features, which are among the most advanced in the nation, are highly resistant to tampering and are designed to prevent identity theft.

Motor vehicle investigators work closely with local police, New York State Police and sheriff’s departments across the state in underage drinking enforcement, targeting facilities that are identified as the “last drink location” for individuals who are under 21 and arrested for DWI, including concert venues and bars across New York. Those under 21 are given a vertical ID card, making it easier for bar owners and those who check IDs to identify who is underage.

This guy Cuomo is just too cute. What really sad is that age is not drinking age (any more). Voting age is not drinking age. Killing age (i. e. armed forces service) is not drinking age. buy fake ids Try, try and try again one cannot legislate morality. It also awfully hard to talk about it. Seems, though, that every generation is guilty of trying to do it. Just a sip is illegal doesn have to be a binge. And it doesn have to be on a college campus or in a college bar, either. best fake id

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