Crazy For Casseroles

When evening rolls around, I am tired, ready to wind-down and ready to relax. So, my goal is to spend as least amount of time in the kitchen, as possible. I often find myself looking for the easiest, quickest and less-mess meals to prepare… like casseroles! They are definitely my #1 go-to meal!! It takes me half the time to make a taco casserole then it would tacos. No need to fry up any tortilla shells, when you can just throw in some tortilla chips! 🙂 Lasagna, being one of my favorite meals, is also one of my least favorites to prepare….until I discovered lasagna casserole! It’s much easier to make and tastes just as good! If you really want to get lucky, there are no-boil pasta recipes. Talk about easy!! Another classic favorite of mine is chicken noodle soup… but chicken noodle casserole is just as good and takes much less time to make. Enchilada casserole is also a much easier alternative to enchiladas. Some of my other various faves are pizza casserole, tator tot casserole, sloppy joe casserole & burrito w/ rice! YUM!! There are no rules to casseroles… you can get creative and have fun with them! They are the ultimate comfort food and always satisfying! You don’t have to slave for hours over a hot stove, for dinner to be delicious…. but your family might think you did! 😉 You can double the recipe and have plenty of leftovers for the next day, which will taste just as good! Dinnertime doesn’t need to be a burden. Make it fun! Make a casserole!


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