Blush Brush Organizer W/Pearls

Your blush brushes will look so much better in this darling acrylic blush brush organizer that can also hold lipstick & lip gloss! It’s made of a high quality acrylic and features a hinged lid to keep the dust out! This stylish little organizer also features 2 divided brush holder compartments with 3 extra drawer compartments for other cosmetics. Included is a box of pearls that come in pink, purple, blue, white, and cream. These pretty little pearls are not only stylish, but they keep your brushes in place! You can order this 2 divided brush blush holder/organizer with pearls for only $28.99!! There is also a single compartment brush holder for those that do not need as much space for only, $16.99!! So take advantage of this great offer… it will make the perfect gift! Oh, and don’t forget to stay organized with!

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