Site Safe But Obama Birth Certificate Numbers Don

Site Safe But Obama Birth Certificate Numbers Don

original certificate of live birth is bound with one ledger containing 499 other certificates of people born in Hawaii in 1961, according to [Chiyome]Fukino. [former Director of Hawaii Department of Health] There are 500 sheets per book, and 35 volumes of 1961 birth records. The last series of digits in the registration number found on Hawaiian long form and current computerized format birth certificates indicate which number volume the original document can be found inside the health department first floor vault. look at those numbers.

Here are the Certificate numbers on Obama’s Short Long Form Birth records.

The numbers don’t match. The ‘Certification of Live Birth’ has 3 more numbers than the ‘Certificate of Live Birth’. On the original birth certificate the number is called a File Number instead of a Certificate No. which makes sense because, as Fukino stated, that number also tells DOH employees in what file, what bound book or ledger they will find the original birth certificate in.

Will the original ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ please stand up? What file or ledger or bound book is it in? 010641 OR 10641 ? How can one original birth certificate be located in two different addresses?

Now let’s look at Public Health Regulation Chapter 8B 2.4 (B. 2d.) Limitations of issuance. An abbreviated copy will not be prepared unless all the information called for on the form has been entered on the original vital record on file with the Department of Health.

You can see that the abbreviated ‘Certification of Live Birth’ form calls for a Certificate No.

And you can see on Obama’s alleged original ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ there is a File Number.

But Hawaii law makes it plain: If its information the abbreviated certification form requires, but it is not on the original certificate, you can not put it on the abbreviated form. fake id If “1961” is not on the original, and it is not, it can’t be put on the abbreviated. If “010641” is not on the original, and it is not, it can’t be put on the abbreviated.

It makes sense that the identifying Certificate No. or File Number, the one assigned at birth to the original certificate, should be unchanging no matter how the birth record is re produced or copied.

As to form. Department of Health, Education and Welfare in the creation of their ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ form. And they are required to, with some flexibility.

Janice Okubo, Hawaii DOH spokeswoman, reiterated this, “Our Certificate of Live Birth is the standard form, which was modeled after national standards that are acceptable by federal agencies and organizations.” Okubo said.”

The Social Security Administration relies on this uniformity when tracking down Social Security Number fraud. Let’s look at RM 10210.305 Reviewing a Birth Certificate Birth Area Code. This is from the Social Security Administration POMS employee handbook.

A. Information about the birth area code. Since 1948, most State registrars use a uniform numbering system. Birth certificates (BCs) issued by the States generally include an 11 digit number in a xxx xx xxxxxx format. The number begins with a 3 digit birth area code number followed by a 2 digit year of registration (almost always the year of birth) and lastly a 6 digit serial registration number (assigned sequentially to each birth as it is filed).

So Hawaii does not follow this number sequence to the T but on the original certificates it’s close. Let’s look at Obama’s alleged original, long form certificate again. File Number: 151 61 10641. fake drivers license (151) the geographical area code for Hawaii. (61) the alleged year of Obama’s birth. (10641) the sequential order of his birth and the file where Obama’s original birth record can be found.

The SSA notes that the last six numbers are registration numbers “assigned sequentially to each birth as it is filed”.

Obama is out of order. Of course the registration numbers would be sequential to each birth as it is filed. The SSA agrees. And it makes sense that Hawaii DOH would use those same numbers to file the birth record. But, once again, Obama is out of order. Take the Nordyke Twins. Born in the same hospital Obama says he was born in, Kapi’olani, on August 5, 1961, just one day after Obama. The first two sets of their file numbers match Obamas, 151 (geographical area code for Hawaii) 61 (the year of birth). The last series of numbers on the birth certificates, the registration numbers which denote the sequential order of births and in what file or bound book DOH employees will find their original birth certificates is 10637 and 10638. Obama’s is 10641.

In 1961, the birth certificate numbers were stamped to the birth record by the Hawaii Department of Health at the main office in Honolulu. This is the only place birth certificate numbers were assigned. The date the birth document was accepted by the registrar general was the date the birth certificate number was stamped on the birth record. The number was stamped with a rubber stamp that automatically increased by one each time a birth certificate was stamped.

Obama’s birth record was accepted by the registrar on August 8, 1961. Three days BEFORE the twin’s birth records were accepted on August 11, 1961. He would have received a stamped registration number three days before the Nordyke Twins and yet his registration number looks like he got there three days after the twins. fake ids

Let the Obots and defenders of the imposter in the White House explain away the conflicting file numbers and out of sequence birth numbers. Lord knows they’ve had plenty of practice. But any excuse offered will be unsatisfactory.

After reviewing the facts detailed above and the evidence compiled by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Private Investigator Susan Daniels, there is no doubt that Obama’s birth certificate was forged and his social security number is phony.

Barack Obama used fake ID to get on the ballot and into the White House.

Figure 3. The Nordyke Twins original Birth Certificates with File Numbers. Born August 5, 1961 just one day after Obama, their records were accepted by the registrar on August 11, 1961, three days after Obama’s birth record was accepted by the registrar on August 8, 1961. Yet, according to the number sequence, they were registered before Obama. The Twins 10637 and 10638, Obama 10641. The registrar was the one who stamped the File Number on the original certificate with a rubber stamp that automatically increased by one each time a birth certificate was stamped.

(On the short form ‘Certification of Live Birth’ Hawaii has re named the File Number a Certificate No.)

Linda Jordan is a researcher out of Seattle Washington. In 2011 she ran the SSN Barack Obama used on his 2010 tax return through the government run E Verify system and discovered that the SSN had been flagged with a Special Indicator Code for fraud. It was not Obama SSN. Since then she has continued to work to expose Obama use of forged identity documents. Fake ID he used to get on the ballot and in to the White House.

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Showing ID to Vote

Showing ID to Vote

going to church and voting in the next president are two very, vey different things . Not sure how you coild even think is was a close comparison.

Do you also belive that people should be able to go around to different polls , and just give them a different name every time? so you are ok with people using people who have passed away names to vote? You are ok with someone who is not a us citizen, and thinks only about how the government can benefit people who are not citizens to vote?

Showing ID is very basic and simple, we do ot all the time and takes little effort. Dont understand how anyone could be against something so easy and basic.

You need to show some sign of proof or ID to register in California. The card that comes with the sample ballot was also supposed to be brought to the polling place and served as an ID (though I think it mainly used to sort out which precinct table to go to). If the complaint is that IDs cost money then make the state ID free. The resistance to ID to vote sounds like an attempt to rig things from whatever side feels it has something at stake. Elections need to be fair and square and not rigged by anyone or by anything.

YES and there should be a $5,000 reward for information leading to conviction of fraudulent voting as they are doing in Texas.

Has anyone heard word one from Contra Costa election officials as to steps taken to ensure fraudulent voting does not happen. Are they cross checking death certificates or cooperating with other states to ensure people are not voting in multiple states? scannable fake id

An what about the District Attorney how many convictions have there been for voter fraud in past 4 years?

Does Contra Costa deserve our confidence?

I have been voting by absentee ballot all my adult life. If I died and they kept mailing out the ballot to me, a relative could use it to vote twice. This is what Donald Trump has been talking about when he said dead people are voting.

So yes, I do believe there should be a way to prove who you are and that you still alive.

There should be a data base of all registered voters that have died. That way they can match the dead with the living and remove their name from the list of live voters.

It would be easy to do. The dead persons name can be entered into the data base at the same time the death certificate is issued.

Going to church and voting are both rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution. You don have to show an ID to go to church, it then follows that you should NOT have to show an ID to vote. Re your point about voting fraud suggest that 31 instances in the last billion or so votes cast make that type of fraud a made up fear. Showing ID is basic, but it costs money to get one. Poll taxes are clearly unconstitutional, forcing people to buy something to vote can easily be associated with poll taxes. fake identity websites

Sorry, try again. The signature on absentee ballots is compared to the signature on the voting rolls.

Why don you sign up to be a poll worker and you can see for yourself?

I believe zero is the number to shoot for, but I willing to accept 31 out of the last billion. ID won make a difference anyway, it is easier to get a fake ID than cast a fake ballot.

The church ID analogy refers to constitutional rights, you don need ID to exercise them.

The purchase of an ID is the barrier to vote. Not much of a problem in CCCounty. If you are poor and live in areas that are already under served, getting an ID can be quite difficult.

Not quite. Your vote by mail ballot signature is compared to the signature on the voting roll before it is counted. Not signing, or signature doesn match ballot is not counted.

I suggest you consider the difference between constitutional rights and the privileges afforded to us you want to argue that the American system is rigged, rules favor the rich, favor Caucasians, favor men I can argue with you. But when you argue that our election is rigged I think the black helicoptors are circling your house as well.

I don care because it doesn make a difference. fake ids It easy to create a fake ID and the volunteer pollsters are not trained how to spot one. The best system is to require to bring your voter registration card mailed in with your ballot. the check to see if you exists, alive or dead, etc should happen at the voter registration step.

For those that cry foul about it being democrats/liberals that are the election, try paying a little attention to the widespread gerrymandering going on all over the country. That has been happening for decades, almost exclusively by republicans, in order to keep congressional seats as GOP membership continues to drop year after year. That blithering idiot Trump has essentially destroyed the GOP.

Hi 39 just wanted to point out this is a dem state and for 50 plus years the dems have had it their way how has that worked out for evderyone so far. California went from the golden state to being the crotch of Oregon. enjoy Demifornia voted twice for 50 years to make it this way

Don you need a mailing address to have an ID? Where do they mail the ID to if you don have a permanent address?

So, homeless citizens can vote? Not trying to make a statement here. Just curious about the ID and an address to send the ID to.

Just make it so that you need a Facebook account to vote then just put a thumbs up for the candidate you want to see in office. Easy peasy. fake id reddit